Wednesday, November 22, 2017

April Part Two

April included a lot of adjusting for us. Baby number three was a lot different for us so it was fun! We were busy making Easter crafts, traveling to Rexburg to celebrate Easter, going to baby animal days, and loving Ben (Or Zach depending on who you ask).

The girls and I try to do crafts every week and if I'm being honest, that goal is hardly reached. But, we did get to do a few things this month. The girls are the coolest. We made some water bottle flowers (one of Lynn's favorite crafts), made dolls, and decorated eggs. 
They made some dolls that look like themselves. 

We got the chance to go stay at Lane and Mallory's for Easter weekend and make it back Sunday evening to enjoy time at Nana and Papaw's. It was so fun! 
Her favorite toys at

Soda Vine!

Fun with cousins!

Baby animal days was hot and there were way too many people. It was fun to experience once but not something we will do again! Our favorite animals were the baby turtles! 


Benji has been a joy in our lives and we've loved every moment. Here are a few of those moments. He's holding his head up like a champ too! 

 Also, Lynn has learned to ride with no training wheels! She is amazing! 

Amelia's birthday

Amelia got to choose the stuff she wanted to do on her birthday. She chose to eat Panda, get Starbucks, play at the park, and go to Nana's for cake. Our tradition has become to let the kids decorate their own cake. Amelia was very excited about it.
Our sassy three year old!

Panda monster!

Keeping it classy!

Make a wish!

A Texas shirt just for her!

Her first bike!

Swing for days!

No more pictures!

She loves her sprinkles and m&ms. 
Grandpa Peaches sent a package too and we had fun with that for days!

 I just can't believe how big our second child is getting. We love Amelia so much. She is a fiery girl and is not at all afraid to be herself and tell you how it is. Amelia has been working on her letters and can identify all of them. She loves to dress like a princess and do everything Lynnlee does. Amelia idolizes her big sister. She also adores her baby brother. She is a perfect piece to our family.