Monday, January 16, 2012

The Baby!

The past two weeks have been fantastic!  We started school on the 4th and we were excited for a whole two days. Now we can't wait until April. We made sure to take pictures! Hopefully the semester will go smoothly and so far so good.  We are looking forward to finishing another semester.

In other news! We are having a baby girl! 

So here is the story of the Ultra sound and our first look at Lynnlee.  We got to the office and we were very excited.  As we started the procedure we were very excited to see our little baby.  There were a lot of measurements that needed to be done and it seemed like forever before the nurse asked if we wanted to know the sex of our baby.  Well of course we wanted to know, but it was like Lynnlee heard us and wanted to keep a secret.  That little girl moved all over the place! She was crossing her legs, turning around, putting her arm in strategic places, and all other things to avoid letting us know that she was a girl, but eventually we were able to get a good enough look to find out.  We are very excited and it is very apparent that she will be a bundle of fun!  The last thing about the Ultrasound that we want to add is how Lynnlee waved to us.  It was the cutest thing and also amazing that it happened. It was like she was aware that we were there and that she wanted us to know that she loves us!

 We got our first diaper bag on Friday! Our doctor gave it to us after our Ultra sound.  I am very excited! It makes me want to buy more things for our baby.  We will be looking at a crib this week from a Relief Society sister.  They have been really great about helping us out.

After waking up today we decided to take a baby bump picture.  It ain't pretty but hey I'm pregnant! Although I am starting to show I have only gained two pounds.  My doctor was not impressed.  He told me I was allowed to grab a couple cheeseburgers! Other than that everything is going very smoothly.  Yay for good news!

Monday, January 2, 2012


For those of you that have not heard, Emily and I are expecting our first child on June 1st and we could not be happier.  Thing are going great, and you should be pleased to know that  Emily and the baby are healthy.  

In 10 short days, on the 12th of January, we are going to find out whether we are having a boy or a girl.  So let us know your vote.  Also we promise to keep the baby news coming, let the good times role. 

Our College Break of Fun

Just so you know, this is now Mitch, Emily and I are going to switch week to week and this is now my week.  Well with us both off for Christmas break, we decided to take trip to Tremonton to see my parents.  We had a great time and even made it back in time to go to work.

We were off Christmas Eve and that meant that we were able to wake up early Christmas morning and share our stockings with each other.

After we got back from church we opened the rest of our presents.
Emily got some more books in a series she is reading
I got a Wii fishing game and then caught a fish

My amazing wife bought me a Kindle Fire which I love!
Quelf, A fun filled game for the whole family

My Delicious Bass

After Christmas we had a relaxing day and prepared for Emily's 20th birthday.  It was a great day! We started the day off with bowling. Emily  scored a 130 one game and I learned that even though I have my own bowling shoes I still have to knock pins down to win.  After the bowling game I surprised Emily with a catered, candle lit lunch in our living room.  Special thanks to our friend Jake.  We had Ice Cream Cake (Emily's Favorite) and Emily opened the Sewing machine that I bought her.  It was a great birthday for Emily!