Sunday, March 11, 2012

Catch up!

Well, well, well... We are really bad at this but hopefully we will be as good as Teresa one day.  we have plenty of pictures and a lot of fun things as well.
Feeding the Ducks

We went to feed the ducks but they were incredibly crazy! I hid in the car while my brave husband took on the hoard.  Needless to say, he absolutely loved it.

We also were able to celebrate Valentine's Day and it was fantastic!  Mitch bought me beautiful roses and wrote Lynnlee and I a wonderful note.  The Valentine's Day fairies stopped by as well.  We wrapped up the day with Apple Bee's which was delicious!

My beautiful roses
Trip to Apple Bee's
And some more!

Valentine's Day Faires!

So far the pregnancy is going well.  We just had our glucose test and I passed with flying colors, my pancreas is a champ!  I am also starting to get my baby bump, which is exciting. I have decided Lynnlee is going to be a swimmer.  She pushes off of one side just to bounce off the other.  She will be swimming laps by the time she is born.  Mitch and I are having a great time enjoying Lynnlee and her aerobatics.  Yesterday though she decided to kick me in the ribs for a long time!  Oh man it was painful and I know it'll only get worse...

Baby bump :)

 We got to buy a few outfits and we love it!  My favorite parts are the bloomers :)
I love the monkey!
If you can't see it the yellow one says I'm too cute for my bodysuit! 

This is the swing we purchased for only 15 dollars! We were so excited at our good luck! 

That about sums it up.  We have been really busy this semester and are so ready for it to be over! Just an update we are moving in April and are still looking for some one to rent our apartment.  Right now we are getting a little discouraged but I know it will all work out.  
Oh I almost forgot!  Yesterday I made dinner with a recipe from Teresa! I was so excited that it turned out!  It was delicious!  It was the first time I had stroganoff and it happened to be Mitch's favorite,  a win win in my book!  Mitch and I are loving married life and are so excited for our baby, we can hardly wait. 

Another addition that I forgot to add... I am taking an Infants and Toddlers class this semester and we have to make a toy.  I decided that I wanted to make an awesome toy like the ones Merrill makes.  I called him up and he was happy to help.  With a lot of assistance Merrill, Mitch and I made my Dinosaur.  I cut out the body and sanded it down, and made holes in the wheels.  Merrill did the assembling and Mitch wanted to paint it.  I think it turned out pretty great and I can't wait until Lynnlee is old enough to play with it (which won't be for awhile but Peyton loves it). 
Its legs move and that's the best part!