Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby Showers, Mother's Day, Presents and Waiting

So, since the last blog post there have been a lot of things happening in our happy little family.  Emily and I are enjoying not having school and like the fact that we have had time to spend together.  On May 5th we had Emily's baby shower.  Thanks to Courtney, April and Mallory we had a great time.  I was there for moral support and also enjoyed having fun with all there.  We received some very cute outfits and Lynnlee now has some very creative and cute bows waiting for her, courtesy of those in attendance.  I just hope Lynnlee has enough hair to put bows in.  My major contribution to baby shower is the Pinata I made of a pacifier, it was in honor of Cinco de Mayo.  I held up the pinata while everyone hit it and me, and in the end Emily was the one to break the candy out.  It was a fun time.

People chatting and enjoying themselves

The bows that were made.

Emily opening some of the gifts.

People getting ready to hit the Pinata

Emily about to break the Pinata

Happy kids gathering up the candy

On Mother's Days Emily and I were invited to have a nice BBQ with Chris and Courtney Bingham and their kids. (for those of you that don't know, Courtney is Emily's sister and Chris is Courtney's husband) It was a very great time, we laughed, we ate, and we talked out the issues.  On another Mother's Day note, I finally got Emily the glider rocker that she wanted.  It is virtually stain proof and it also reclines and swivels.

Chris was the cook
Me enjoying a good book on the Kindle

Courtney showing her motherly skills

Peyton surprised how funny I am

Chris and our mutual friend Sean Murdock showing how to hug properly

Emily's new glider rocker
In final Blog news Emily is now about 38 weeks which means that any day now we can be heading to the hospital.  I am not very patient so the fact that everyone keeps saying that Emily is "full term" and I still can't hold my daughter gets me a little jumpy.  We are ready for our new arrival and excited to the joy she will bring to our little family.
Emily at just under 38 weeks