Wednesday, June 27, 2012


What a crazy week and a half... Ohio has been a long trip but not bad.  I've been so so busy and have been on the go every day.  The flight wasn't bad at all and all three of the girls were angels!
Monday was very taxing, I didn't get any sleep and the funeral created an emotional roller coaster.  The time has actually past quickly since then and the days are all running together.
I miss Mitch every second of everyday and I can't wait to be back in Rexburg.  This has made me realize that I could NEVER be a single mother.  Kudos to every single mother out there.  But I have so many pictures it's unreal so this will be a picture blog.  They are in no particular order so I'll try to explain when and  what :)
My studly brother Adam and
Winnie  Pie

A happy Meemaw

Our great baby sitters Andy and Olivia

Aunt Weeber reading to Peyt

Relaxing for a few seconds

Happy and awake with Grandpa

A very happy Juju

Aunt Kimmy whispered her 

Kim and Shi were very excited to see the girls

Aunt Shiloh with a semi grumpy baby
Lynnlee has been quite the trooper on this trip.  She is well behaved for the most part.  I like babies this age because I know how to make them stop crying for the most part.  Luckily if I can't figure out how to stop her crying Courtney is here to whisper her until we get back to her daddy.  Loralie was rather fussy the first week because she didn't want anyone that wasn't her mother but now because she knows everyone better she's much happier.
Peyton is starting to figure out that her aunts, uncles and grand parents are here to spoil her and she usually gets what she wants.  I have a feeling she's in for a rude awakening when we come home lol!

Peyton's first time swimming.  Kimmy, Sarah, Shiloh and Mallory
got to share in the fun

Peyton dragged Sarah everywhere

My wondreful Aunt Kathy.  We got to spend a lot of time
with her

She wanted to hold Winnie but Lynnlee
wasn't happy about it.  Peyton realized
she wasn't happy about a screaming
baby at all.
Peyton made me keep taking pictures
of her and Uncle Moose and Aunt Weeb

Sarah's 16th birthday present.  I want it real bad!

Another first for Peyton. She loved bowling!

Adam was nice and treated us to a game.  He won
even though everyone had bumpers...

Jose surprised us with 2 ATVs and we had a great time. 

 Gosh, I'm not even half way through the pictures! There were too many highlights here! I'll keep going though.

They are bad to the bone! 

Yes, we do have all of these crazy things...
the go-kart is the fastest :)

First weenie roast! 

Hanging out at Dad's camper :)

And finally we have Lynnlee's 3 week photo and a family photo.  We are missing Dad, Shiloh and Kimmy but we did the best we could.

Our beautiful big baby! She is just too perfect!

It was a miracle getting this many of us together.  Sadly it was early in the
morning and no one was ready for the day yet. We are the Clampetts...
It has been a long 10 days but overall not too bad.  Sadly Adam is leaving tomorrow to go back to Colorado.  I missed him so much and it was great to be able to spend time with him again.

Oh I almost forgot! Stanley (the dog) bit both Peyton and Juju.  Stan stole Peyton's hotdog and she tried to get it back... He bit her right in the face.  I hate that dog.  He also bit Juju on the arm.  He isn't allowed in the house when I'm not holding my Lynnlee.  I should have taken a close up of Peyton's cheek but I didn't think about it.  It was bad though and I felt terrible.

Well, that's petty much it.  I can't wait to be back home in my quiet, peaceful house.  It has been rather hectic but nothing I can't handle.  I miss Mitch so much and I know Lynnlee does too.  I can confidently say that we will never make a trip without Mitch again.

Monday, June 18, 2012

2 Weeks old and a Reunion

Well here is another blog entry filled with pictures of Lynnlee and other information that happen to Emily and I over the last week.  

So here it goes.  We had some fun this week dressing up Lynnlee and letting friends hold her.  During the last month or so our car had been having some troubles with one of its struts, which resorted in some very bumpy rides.  A good friend from work was willing to help me fix the car and also brought his wife to meet Lynnlee.  Emily and I agree that it is very nice to hear people tell us how cute our little Lynnlee is.  The car is fixed now and it is good to know that we have good friends willing to help.
Bryan and Hailey Grover with Lynnlee
One of my favorite pictures of our big girl!

I bought this on all on my own

Now one of the major things that happened this week was a trip to Idaho Falls for the first day of the "Doug Judy Reunion."  It was a fun trip and Lynnlee was a big hit.  I am still a very protective Dad so I had a bottle of hand sanitizer ready sanitize any hand close to Lynnlee.  She was a great baby and slept most of the time.  When she was outside she stayed in her car seat, but in "Ricky Vance" (my parents RV) she was up for grabs for anyone that came in.  There was a lot of fun and games.  My parents and siblings stopped by Saturday and it was a great time.  Emily, Lynnlee, Myself, as well as my Parents went to Applebee's for a Father's Day dinner.  It was fun to hang out and talk and in the end I learned that bleu cheese is gross on a burger. All in all a great week!

Because pictures a usually better then words I have uploaded a lot for your pleasure.

Hanging out in "Ricky Vance"
Aunt Taletha and Lynnlee

Our New Little Family
Playing running games (I found I still hate running)

Lynnlee, Lillie, and Kendra
Aunt Kendra and Lynnlee

Fun games with many cousins
Me Playing BASE

My Rock-star Look

Emily, April, Carter, Merrill, Kendra, Lillie, and Emma

I love being the center of attention

Lillie "holding" Lynnlee
Me resting from Running

Emma, Lynnlee, and Emily

Monday, June 11, 2012

A week old!

Wow! What a week.  It has been a glorious 9 days with our new baby and we love it!  Lynnlee already has her daddy wrapped around her little fingers and I could stare at her forever! There are a few pictures I wanted to put up from the hospital so that is what the first few are.

By the way, I would have had this posted yesterday but my internet deleted the entire post and I was not in the mood to redo it.  But alas, here I am trying to remember everything I wanted to tell you all.  Sadly, I'll probably forget most of it.
Mitch really likes this picture for some reason so here it is. 
Her first picture with her Daddy

Mom and her lovely baby!

A sweet picture of Uncle Tommy. 

I love this picture of Tyler and Lynnlee,
he just looks so happy. 

Lynnlee's first flowers from a friend from work. 

Well as you can imagine the first week home was incredibly busy!  I'll try to tell you the highlights and I'm sorry if I miss something.  Lynnlee and I were able to come home from the hospital on Monday and we were very excited.  Since Teresa was going to be helping around the house she and Mitch went shopping while Lynnlee and I spent some time alone at home.  It was a rough start.  We were both worn out and just needed a nap. Later on Merrill, April and the children came over to see our newest addition.  We had a good time comparing sizes of the new born Lynnlee and five month old Carter.

He was so much bigger it was crazy! I can't imagine my Lynnlee being so big.
Carter was quite a hoot though he was talking up a storm.

During the first week we found out what Lynnlee liked.  We found that she now loves baths, her swing and her bouncer.  She loves to be rocked and loves music.

Lynnlee had her first outing on Wednesday, a trip to the doctors office.  They weighed and measured her.  She weighed 5 lb 15 oz.  (two ounces up from her discharge weight) and was 19.5 inches long.  She hated being naked and let the doctor know how she felt.  Dr. Jones was very nice and was quick about getting her in and out.

All bundled up.  It was only 40 degrees! 

In side her cocoon! 

Thursday was also a big day for us.  Emma, Lillie and Kendra came up to visit.  They arrived around 7:30 and we were able to enjoy each others company. Teresa took a lot of pictures and for that Mitch and I are both very grateful.  Teresa and the girl left at 7 the next morning and we were very sad to see them go! Teresa was such a great help and  I am so glad she was able to be here with us.

Saturday was also a fun day.  We went out to Lane and Mallory's for a BBQ.  Merrill, April and the children, Jarom, Jared and Hannah were there as well. We enjoyed being out there and the food was delicious.  Jarom made an amazing crumble with nectarines.  So good.  Lynnlee was a little fussy but she did ok.  Then again on Sunday we went out with our sweet baby again.  This time to my sister Courtney's.  They invited us to a BBQ as well and we had a good time.  Courtney made her first cake from scratch and it was really good! I was impressed. Sadly, we completely spaced bringing our camera to both events so there are no photos.  But, I will post a few more pictures of our beautiful daughter :)

I love her beautiful  lips :)

A big yawn!
This picture just cracks me up

I just want to apologize quickly to Kendra.  For some reason I don't have any pictures of you and Lynnlee.  I will have to get some at the reunion.

So far, so good.  I'm getting used to being a mother and don't mind waking up during the night. She usually sleeps until 9 now anyway so it isn't a bad gig.  Mitch loves being a father and still won't let me do much.  I do get to do the laundry though so I'm trying not to feel too useless lol.