Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blessing and After Party

Ok, so I have been informed that it is my turn to do the blog so here it goes.

It was a very very busy weekend.  It all started Saturday evening when my parents and some of my siblings came up to our house to make sure they had a front row seat to all of the blessing fun.

Enjoying conversation
Watching Lillie pose

Due to the fact that I work nights, Sunday morning was the only time I had to sleep.  But when I awoke I found that Uncle Tyler was already there and having fun with his new camera.  By the way thank you Tyler and Chyanne for having a nice camera and being the unofficial photographers for Lynnlee's blessing.  I was told that Lynnlee was a cute little angel all morning, but when it came time to get her blessing dress on she was not a happy camper.  Luckily my wonderful wife is great under pressure.

Lynnlee and her Photographer Uncle Tyler
Lynnlee loves watching TV

Smiling for the camera

Mommy keeping her cool and getting the cute dress on

The blessing was a happy time.  There were great grandparents, grandparents. great aunts and uncles, aunts and uncles, and cousins in the congregation so Lynnlee could feel the love.  It was also funny to realize that 5 rows in the middle of the chapel were all family.  I was a little nervous about giving the blessing but it all worked out.  I remember that love was mentioned a lot, and that makes sense because we really love our sweet Lynnlee girl.  After Sacrament we got some pretty good pictures.
Uncle Tyler, Daddy, Lynnlee, and Papaw
Here is a picture of Uncle Tyler, Katriel, Jared
Papaw and me (daddy) Jared is a friend from
North Carolina going to school at BYU-I and
Katriel is his fiancee.

Emily and I with our sweet sleeping girl


After the blessing Uncle Lane and Aunt Mallory were very nice and let us have a get together with friends and family at their new house.  It was a great time.  Everyone was asked to bring a finger food so there was a lot of very interesting and tasty treats.  We are very grateful for all of the love and support that we get around here.
A picture of the many Swallows at the Party

Aunt Mallory holding Lynnlee, Uncle Lane and Uncle Jarom
Hanging out on the couch
Aunts sharing wisdom with Emily

Me sharing life stories with some cousins

So there you have it another Blog post about busy lives.  Just some side notes, Lynnlee is now weighing 9 lb 4 oz.  That's right she has gained about 3 pounds in a month.  We are so happy that she is happy and healthy.  Another thing that I though would be interesting to mention is that Emily, Lynnlee and I are babysitting a turtle for a friend from work.  He had a friend fish, but I guess they had a fight and the fish got eaten.  He is a bit temperamental but all in all he is fun to watch.
This is Little Foot

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Home at last, home at last!

Finally! Lynnlee and I flew home on Thursday with Courtney, Loralie and Peyton.  We ended up driving home after a two hour nap at Nancy pants house.  We got home at 5 am and Mitch was very surprised.  I walked in and he's like "What? What time is it?"  No "Oh my gosh you're home!" No "I missed you so much!"  Lol He did let me sleep though.  He took Lynnlee and spent time with her.  He is so happy to have us home and we are happy to be here. But we do miss the family in Ohio.  Lynnlee especially misses all the noise.

Anyway, we have a few pictures from before we left Ohio so I'll share those.

Auntie Kathy and my sweet baby

Mommy and Winnie

Grandpa and his girls

Some of the family with our silly faces.  Alex didn't get the memo.


Papi and Winnie
Uncle Moose changing her diaper! :)

Four generations!

We had an eventful time back so far.  We got to go see TeraLyn and Shawn at Lane and Mal's.  We ate Papa Murphy's pizza and it was delicious!

Katelyn and Lynnlee at Lane and Mallory's. 

TeraLyn and the baby

The party!

He remembered his first trip
in the stroller and decided he
wanted another one.
Today we celebrated Loralie's birthday which was on the sixth.  Courtney and Chris barbecued for us and everything was delicious. Courtney also made funfetti cake (my favorite!).  Juju got her cake all to herself and she liked it for a little while but then she hated being messy.  She started crying and it was funny.

My favorite part is the that Juju is eating her present.

Helpful big sister

Happy birthday Juju!

She's so nice, she is sharing with her mom

Gettttt it offf!