Saturday, August 18, 2012

So much to say so little time...

It would be so much easier to remember all the things I want to tell you all if I would remember to do this darn blog.  When I do remember Lynnlee seems to realize that I have something to do and wants picked up right away, like she's doing right now.  She's supposed to be napping but as Teresa found out this past week Lynnlee's naps are about 20 to 30 minutes long... I will try my best to get a lot put on here but no promises!

So, we are finally home from our summer vacation.  It was a really fun trip and I was glad to see all of my family including the in-laws.  We left on July 30th and stayed a few days at Teresa and Kenney's where we got our first cousin picture!

On August 1st we flew to Ohio where my mom and dad picked us up.  They took us out to eat at Happy Rose, a Chinese buffet.  It was delicious and is one of my favorite restaurants.  We stayed for a week in Ohio and were able to get a hotel.  The hotel was nice and there was of course a swimming pool that we took advantage of.  Jose was nice and helped us start the four wheelers and Mitch had a ton of fun.  We also threw my mom a surprise birthday party while we were home.  She is turning 50 on the 26th this month.  Jose was also setting up his pool during our stay and he had a fireman come fill it up.  Mitch was ecstatic and wanted a picture with the hose. Haha.  Mitch also had the opportunity to go fishing with my dad and he was very proud of his catch...

Lynnlee girl and Grandpa Souza!

He trying to get it to go faster in the picture.
It takes a minute to warm up and he just
started it lol 

Fireman Mitch!

He jumped it and felt very cool :)

Our super baby!

Mom's birthday cake!

Aunt Kimmy and Winnie

Riding Dad's Rascal.  He was surprised at
how fast it went.

His prized catch! Haha I love my husband.
We had a stressful last day in Ohio because my wallet had disappeared.  We spent pretty much the entire day looking for it because in order to board a plane you have to have a picture ID.  Mitch found out that he sent it home in the package to his parents and I was in big trouble...  BUT Kenney saved the day! Unlike me he got results when he called American Airlines customer service.  We were able to catch our flight back on August 8th and that was a great blessing.

From the 8th to the 15th we stayed at the Swallow's.  We had a really good time and as always Teresa fed us new food.  Mashed cauliflower was a little strange, I wasn't too big of a fan but sweet and sour cucumbers? They are incredibly delicious.  I will be making them soon!  The Albaugh's children came to eat on Sunday as did Tyler, Chyanne, and Grayson. We played bad mitten and Tyler and Tommy won.

Sitting up all by herself ans showing off for the Albaughs

More cousin pictures :)

She loves sharing with Grayson!

Monday we went swimming and golfing.  There was an 18 ft high dive and I worked up the courage to jump off. I was pretty proud of myself.  Mitch also jumped quite a few times and once decided he was going to do a double back flip.  He did a back flip/ spin thing and ended up hitting his face on the surface.  Poor Mitch... The right side of his face was swollen.  Lillie and Tommy were both brave and jumped off the high dive multiple times.  Golfing and I don't get along very well but I'm pretty determined to get better.  We will have to see next summer. We all agreed that hole 8 was the the worst hole imaginable and ended up skipping it lol.  Tommy, Kenney, and Mitch all lost multiple golf balls in the water.

Mitch's grandma Marie came on Tuesday and it was fun.  She got to meet Chyanne and me AND her two beautiful grand children :)

Grandma Swallow and my Lynnlee Girl

Just like her Daddy!

We also got to visit Mitch's old companions Harrison Smith and Miles Borcik and attend Welsh's Wedding Reception.  We don't have pictures of Welsh or Miles sadly.  Harrison took us out to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant and in was very good. Afterwards we went to my Uncle Robin's house and spent time with him, Aunt Stephanie and my cousin Heather.

At Jesse Welsh's wedding reception

She was good all the way up to the picture... Dang it.  This is
Harrison Smith, he served with Mitch in Africa.

My Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Robin

Whew... I forgot some things but I'm done.  Lynnlee is getting fussy now.  I just want you all to know it took me three days to finish this, I started on Thursday... Haha I love being a mom :D