Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oh the Life we lead!

Here I am sitting on my couch and I am overcome with the love I have for our sweet sweet baby! She is sitting in her bouncer just smiling so big! She is the greatest! Oh no, she knew what I was typing and started to cry... Drama Queen :) 
And now I'm back.  She is sleeping soundly now! Victory! Anyway lets see, I'll start at the Swamily Activity. 

It was lots of fun to have the family all up here (Tyler and Teresa's blogs have most of the pictures if you want to see some).  Tommy, Chyanne, Tyler and Grayson stayed at our house and the rest stayed with Beth and Derek.  For our outing we went to the fair. Lynnlee made her Papaw proud and wore her Texas onsie and her dad matched her with his Texas shirt (I think I need to invest in some Ohio State gear...).  At the petting zoo in the fair their was a Texas long horn so we made sure to get a picture. 

Family Meeting

The Texas Pride

Papaw and Lynnlee

More of the meeting

The Swallow Family

Our little family :)

Mitch didn't want to put pants on.  He thought the pictures
were just from the waist up lol 
Last Sunday Courtney, Chris, Peyton, Loralie and Lynnlee and I went to feed the ducks while Mitch slept.  We had a ton of fun and I made sure to take some pictures. 
Waiting for Peyton and Chirs
Chris and Peyton! 

The ducks!!!

Mitch also had his birthday since our last post.  For his birthday he got three seasons, Big Bang season 5, Office season 7, and The New Girl season 1! He has watched all of Big Bang (in two days) and most of the Office.  We don't get New Girl until October so we are waiting on that one.  

Mitch is getting so excited because Lynnlee is starting to play with her toys. She also got her jumper and she loves it.  
What is this?

It's stuck on my fingers!

Too cool! She likes to spin around in it. 

The family we have here in Rexburg has designated Thursdays to be our family nights.  We play games and watch football together and eventually The Big Bang.  We love it! We've introduced them to Monopoly Deal and Mallory like it a lot.  We take turns at each others houses, this week it's Mitch and I's turn.    

It's a party!

Chy and Ty were up this weekend for Cassidy's wedding and we were able to hang out with them.  Tyler, Derek and Mitch went golfing on Friday while Beth, Chy and I hung out at home.  We took a few pictures of the kids together and here are my favorite ones.

Both of them looking right at the camera! They are so

I just like that her eyes are closed lol 

Mitch surprised me a while ago with a moon chair and it is by far Lynnlee's favorite.  
Well the time has come.  Lynnlee is starving and she's having none of Mitch's bouncing.  Thank you for reading! Until next time!

She loves our new chair.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Oh the joys of Motherhood...

I first want to start by saying that I LOVE being a mom.  Best Thing Ever.  I have been so blessed to have such a great baby.  I know that Beth is probably thinking that I can't mean Lynnlee.  Every time Beth has come to see her or we go see Beth she has been grumpy but when Lynnlee gets her big nap she is the happiest baby ever.  The past week or so Lynnlee has been very congested and raspy.  Which is so sad.  I just want to cough for her, poor baby.  But anyway I digress. 

Reasons my baby is the best ever.
1.  She goes to sleep at about 9, 9:30.
2. She wakes up anywhere between 5-7:30 to eat.
3. She then proceeds to sleep for four more hours.  
4. After an hour of being awake she takes a two hour nap.
5. She is happy the rest of the day!
6. Also because she looks like this...

Mitch decided that since he didn't have a favorite stuffed animal that Lynnlee would.  He came home from work one morning with Nala and Lynnlee loves it.  I'm not sure if it is the texture or the colors but she can't get enough of her new toy.  
She was trying to eat her lol 

This past Sunday we were able to go to Tremonton and go to Grayson's blessing.  It was a really good time, we had a ton of fun.  It was also Lynnlee's three months.  We of course got a picture. 

Mitch also surprised me with a cute date.  He made balloons fall on me and in each one was a piece to a puzzle that was a silly poem.  We had a picnic together and he even had a basket.  He put together some chocolate covered strawberries too! 

All of my balloons

It rhymed too :)

Our delicious lunch!

This week I have been watching Peyton and Loralie while Courtney has been at work.  It has been a fun few days.  Last night we had a lot of new children join us.  Three boys from another apartment and a girl from next door.  Seven children in all.  Eventually, two moms joined us and I decided to take a picture.  

I also have a few more Lynnlee pictures for you all to enjoy :) 

She loved the giraffe and was trying to get it but couldn't.

This is her I'm sleepy look and I love it!

I was making faces at her and she looked at me like this...