Sunday, December 30, 2012

Once again, it has been too long and I have plenty of pictures for you all. We've got Adam's visit, Christmas, my birthday, and quite a few extras. I'm not sure what I want to do first but we will upload pictures and see where it goes.

Here are a few fun ones.  Uncle Adam came to visit and he gave Lynnlee her first Christmas present. Peyton and Lynnlee beat up Grandpa Peaches.

She started standing this month! Sadly,
she always stood on our Christmas presents.
Thank goodness they are gone!

Beating up Grandpa!
Mitch's favorite contraption... She
loved it but you can't really tell in
this picture.

More standing!
Uncle Adam was teasing her...
Now she's happy : )

Presents from Uncle Adam and Aunt

Yay for wrapping paper! 

Mitch and I made our Christmas plates to hand out and we made quite a mess! I wish I had a few pictures of all the cookies we had made!
The dishes!

Packed and ready to go!

Four of the sixteen plates!
The reject cookie all by itself...

Next, we have a few Christmas photos.  We had a really great Christmas and I enjoyed having my Dad here.  I made out very well! I got a spa day, Harry Potter (all of them : D) and a lot of other things.  My wonderful sister and father bought Mitch and I a duvet and I will never be without one ever again! Mitch and I also bought a new bed. It is glorious! The best bed I've ever slept in by far. Certainly worth it!

Aunt Courtney and Lynnlee match

I love the double chin Lynnlee has! It is too cute!

Loralie's present from us.

Baby dolls!! 

Peyton made all of us wear these head bands, even Uncle
Mitch and Grandpa Peaches!

The new bed and duvet! We also have new sheets!
1500 thread count! 

We also had a birthday party for me.  Mitch and Courtney both bought me an ice cream cake so we had a lot of it.  Luckily the Swallow's came up for our "Meat-a-palooza" and ate a lot of it! I had a lot of fun on my birthday and got the Hunger games, the movie and the books, a blender from my wonderful Mother-in-law, and a dicer from Dad and Courtney!

Her new toy!
Shake your booty!

Aunt Mal and Lynnlee with her
birthday hat!
The party!

This picture is too cute, I had to put it
on here.

Lynnlee and Uncle Tommy watching
All the girls hanging out! 

Mommy and baby in our new dresses!

Here are a few videos for your enjoyment as well! I hope you liked the blog! Sorry there was so much to put on here. Hopefully it wasn't too long!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas, Graduation, and Birthdays! Plus a little more :)

We have been so blessed in the past month! There have been many great happenings and I'm excited to share them with you.

First, I want to tell you that my Dad was able to come out for the holidays! He will be able to stay until my birthday too.  It will be the first time in 3 years that one of my parents will be around for my birthday. I'm so so excited! I'll be 21 on the 27th of this month! He drove here with his grill and has been cooking delicious food for us.  We just had steaks and chicken tonight ooo yum! He's been hanging out with the girls as well and Lynnlee loves his beard! Poor Dad though, she is always yanking on it!

Next, this past week we were able to celebrate Chris's graduation and Courtney's birthday. We had so much fun.  Chris looked great walking across the stage! He is all grown up lol!

Courtney's birthday was the 15th and we were able to have fun in Idaho Falls.  We went shopping at the mall then Chris's parents took us out to Famous Dave's.  It was delicious! They are so sweet.  On our way home Mitch and I went to pick up here ice cream cake but some else got it instead! It was a cake that said "Happy Birthday Courtney." I have no idea why they would want a cake with my sister's name on it but I hope they enjoyed the free cake.  They gave us this one instead so I guess I can't really complain! Twenty-five candles! She is getting old :)

Peyton wanted to help mommy 
blow out her candles!

"Hey you! Check out my

"What's up?"
"I'm pretty sure this 
is awesome!"

Don't worry, I thoroughly 
sanitized this!

Mitch and I got to start feeding Lynnlee baby food! It is so fun! We picked her up a high chair and she loves to sit in it.  The first few pictures are her eating green beans, she wasn't very fond of them but the other ones are her eating peas.  She LOVES peas!

Before the food!

Hmm... not sure I like these...

I LOVE peas!
Here are a few funny ones for some enjoyment!
Model pose!

Her Texas hat from 

She likes to play with the tree! 
She has knocked down a few 
ornaments. Luckily,
they are plastic.

Her elf hat! Aunt Courtney 
is the coolest!
I couldn't drag her away!
"Mom! My butt! It's stuck!" 

We are so excited for Christmas! We've been getting ready these past few weeks.  We have also been finishing up the semester! Mitch and I got all A's and B's.  Two of my classes grades aren't in yet so I haven't found out what those grades are yet.  Hopefully it will turn out well! We LOVE having a break from classes! Another semester down, a few years to go...  If I don't blog before Christmas, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We love you all! Just a shout out to the VanTassell's, thank you so much for our Christmas gift! You are so sweet!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Life and a 6 month old Big Girl!

Ok, so it has been a busy month.  Emily, Lynnlee, and myself are very excited to get to share our stories with you.  First off let me say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I am going to be sharing a lot of words about our Sweet Lynnlee Girl.  She is growing up so fast! She is about ready to crawl (her record so far is about 3 feet) and is rolling all over the place. She is tons of fun and we love having her in our life.

So here we go! Get ready for a picture journey of our last month:

First we have Halloween day!
Lynnlee and Emily

I had 2 Halloween costume choices thanks to Aunt Kim.

We went to Aunt Mal and Uncle Lane's for Halloween

Lynnlee's costume was glow in the dark, so I was charging the glow.

Next comes every day living:
Lynnlee's new robe

Lynnlee loves her Juice!

Lynnlee is now sleeping in her own room, and when she
 wants us to know she is up she will yell into the monitor.

Lynnlee didn't really know how to react to the huge flower on her head

Lynnlee loves her books!

We went to see the ducks with Aunt Beth and Uncle Derek

Lynnlee loves ducks!

This is Lynnlee's favorite position in her bouncer

Lynnlee, so CUTE

Ouch! Lynnlee bit my finger! with Peyton Bingham

This is what happens when I get bored in the Library on Sundays

Bouncy toy! Thanks Aunt Courtney and Uncle Chris

Lynnlee and Aunt Emma showing off her new Texas hat.

Lynnlee loves Uncle Tommy

This is Lynnlee's surprised face!

This last month we also got to meet our new cousin Jace!
Jace, Mama Jace Beth and Lynnlee

Emily and Jace

Me and Jace
Lynnlee is still wondering how she feels about Jace!

Thanksgiving and other family fun:
Lynnlee and Cousin Grayson

Playing Catch Phrase at Beth's

Princess Lynnlee and Papaw

Thanksgiving meal



Lynnlee playing Nana's Ipad

Me and the 9mm

Like a BOSS

Lillie throwing the skeet 

Emily loved shooting so much I get to get a shotgun now.

Couple action shot!


Me giving Emily a safety lesson

Emily and the 9mm

Finally we set up our Christmas tree:
Lynnlee loves the lights!

We love Christmas time!
Well there you have it! We hope you enjoy the pictures. As a parting gift I have included a video of Lynnlee to melt your heart! Enjoy!