Thursday, December 26, 2013

I’ve realized, all too suddenly, that life as we, my little family, know it, is coming to an end. By this time next year we will be living somewhere else, as in, not Rexburg. Say what? Should I say that again? I think so, not Rexburg! Whew, that feels good. So close and yet, so far. One day I’ll look back at these last 6 days of Fall Semester 2013 and say, “Wow! Those six days flew by!” But, today is not that day.

Family Christmas Photo

Why am I writing a blog when I haven’t written one since this past summer, you ask? Well, truth be told, I’m putting off all the annoying final projects I have to do over the next, very long, six days. You don’t want to hear about all that boring, crazy stuff that you probably would skip over any way. What you really want to see is Lynnlee!

She's letting us know how she really feels...
Lynnlee is getting so big, so fast! She’s a monkey and has fallen off our chairs onto our kitchen floor about four times in the past month.

Every time I’ve told her to get down. You’d think she’d learn… Though she’s had a few run-ins with the ground she’s still bright as ever! She loves to read to Mitch and me and she loves to color! She has also started talking! I love it! Because we have our pre-lit Christmas Tree up, she likes to point to each color and make me say them. Today she surprised me by telling me the light was “blue.”  (The light was indeed green but what does that matter? She said a word!) The past few days she said words with a little coercing but this was all on her own. It was the sweetest thing ever.

Other words she says: Dog, goat, night night, bye, hi, NO (I very much dislike that one), don’t (like this one even less), Papaw, Nana, Meemaw (when she feels like it) and duck.
Most of the animals are due to an app on the iPad. This may surprise you but, I’m not a perfect parent so she does know how to start the iPad on her own. “Peek-a-boo Barn” has also taught her to say “Shh” when it is dark. Anyway, I digress.

She’s brilliant and beautiful and still has no hair. There are too many stories I’d like to tell that are cute and sweet and would tell you everything you’ve missed out on over the past six months but that’s too much work so here are a few pictures to tell the stories. 

Helping Juj open her presents. She's so sweet that way.

Swinging at Uncle Robin's 

All of the Swallow's 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Birthday Party... and few more fun events

As you all know from our last blog, Lynnlee turned one on June second and it was so much fun! I've got a few pictures for you all. The videos wouldn't upload so check Facebook for those!

We also had free fishing day too. It was fun! We went up the Mountains and has no luck! But, we did get some great pictures. It was so beautiful here! 

So beautiful

It's a fish!

Fishing with Mom and Nala!
Haha just eating grass...

Whew... Fishing is hard work.

Such a nice day.

A big fish or maybe a tree...?

Another exciting event transpired over the past month and that was the very large Judy Reunion. Lynnlee loved having a bunch of kids around! We had a great time and were glad to see the family all together.

New matching chairs!

Apparently Derek is sexy and he knows it...


Not a fan of the freezing water!

One, two, three, GO!

I thought this was a cute picture.

Quite a few cute pictures of her eating watermelon
because she is gosh dang cute!

Favorite face!

Mitch's favorite :)

We love you all and are glad we have the internet to share our family with those we love so far away. Have a great day!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Good gracious!

Our Newborn baby girl!
Our 1 year old climbing the stairs!

My Lynnlee girl is one today!  My mind is blown.  How can someone so little be one already. I feel like it hasn't  been long enough and yet I can't remember her not being part of our little family. I'm so proud of my little human and the things she has accomplished in her short first year of  life. It is incredible how much she has grown and how much she's learned! She is so smart and certainly the apple of my eye. From holding up her head to crawling, to walking and running (awkwardly of course but still!), she is amazing.

Since the last blog Lynnlee has starting clapping, she'll do patty cake and blow you kisses. It is so sweet! I'm so grateful that I've been blessed to be her mother. It is incredible that The Lord has entrusted me with one of his children, I just hope I don't mess it up! Here are a few pictures from the past few months and more will follow after her birthday party.

At Cliffords with her Caprisun!

She was caught with an eclair! 

Valentine's Day

Na na na na na na na na BATMAN!

MeeMaw and Lynnlee Girl


Our family Easter Picture :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our TOP 10 of 2012!

Well Emily and I have been accused of only doing blogs when Tyler and Chyanne do them in an attempt to out shine them.  They posted there top 10 2 days ago so now I will post our top 10 of 2012.

It has defiantly been a busy year for our little family.  It has had its ups and downs, but we try to stay up as much as possible.  Emily, Lynnlee and I are doing great.

Lynnlee is getting so big! Emily and I love to see  her discover new things.  Her latest love has been throwing things in the bathtub.  I think it is hilarious to catch her in the act because she always give me the same funny face as she attempts to flee the scene of the crime.  She is loving being a big girl and getting to eat real food, and she even like the baby food meats.  She loves trying to help Mom and Dad with their home work and always know just what button to push to lock up any computer.

Emily and I started our spring semester and things are going wellds.  We are both making a more effective effort to get our homework done in an orderly fashion and not stress.  We often feel like there is not enough time in the day, but hey there will be an end if we just keep pushing forward.  I am still working the night shift at Walmart here in Rexburg, so I am tired all the time, but Emily not having to work and being able to be with Lynnlee is worth it.

So now for our TOP 10 of 2012.  I am the one that put these events in order, so if you feel that I ordered them wrong, I am sorry.  Like many other things my excuse will be I just got off work and I was tired.

10- I got a 20 gallon fish tank.  Emily doesn't really think this is such a big deal, but I love my fish and often times they are the first thing people notice.  Plus all the babies love them.

My fishy friends
 9- Emily got a full tuition Scholarship.  I got a Walmart Scholarship. We were blessed to get scholarships for this school year.  Emily is amazing and got the grades for a full tuition one and it has been great.  I was lucky enough to receive one from Walmart and it has been a great help.
Emily and her semesters reading

 8- The Bingham Family moved above us.  Emily's sister and her family moved into the apartment above us.  It is great to have family so close.  We are always willing to help out one another.  Lynnlee also loves having her cousins so close.

 7- We moved to new a 3 bedroom 1.5 bathroom apartment.  When Beth and Derek went to California this last summer Emily and I had a chance to move into there apartment.  It was a great opportunity. We love the extra room, and it is nice to have an extra room for studying and guests.
Our great moving crew
Our stuff ready to move

6- Lynnlee started crawling.  About 3 days after Lynnlee turned 6 months she started crawling everywhere.  She is such a little mover.  She loves being where Emily and I are and she loves being able to get to her favorite toys.

5- Emily's Father, Augie, came to visit.  During the month of December we were lucky to have Augie stay in Rexburg. It was great having him around and Emily loved spending the extra time with him.
Grandpa Peaches and Lynnlee

Emily and her Dad

4- Took a Family trip to Ohio.  In the beginning of August we took a family trip to see Emily's family in Ohio.  It was a fun trip.  Here is a fun story: Two days before Emily, Lynnlee and I were supposed to be getting on a plane to come home we discovered that Emily's wallet was missing with all of her ID and things.  We looked everywhere and stressed about it and called everywhere we could think of.  My dad, Kenney, finally found out that if we file a police report and talk to the people at the airport we should be able to get on the plane without photo ID.  Well, we did that and got to the airport early, so early in fact, that we were the first ones there.  We were eventually able to get on the plane and we were happy because a 30 hour drive to Utah would have been no fun.  When we got back to my parents house in Utah we received the packages I sent home to help us make weight on the plane.  When we opened the box we discovered that I had actually mailed the wallet to Utah by mistake.  It was quite the experience.
Me getting some SWEET AIR
My first fish caught in Ohio

Lynnlee with her Aunt Kimmy
3- Emily's step mom, Karen, passed away and Emily and Lynnlee went to Ohio for 3 weeks.  Three weeks after Lynnlee was born Emily's step mom passed away after battling cancer.  Emily and her sister Courtney and the babies Lynnlee, Peyton, and Loralie went out to be with family.  It was a good trip for them to be with family through the troubled times and help out there.  I was grateful everyone was so willing to help Emily with Lynnlee.
Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin all helping with Lynnlee
Emily and Peyton on the 4 wheeler

Fun family picture
2- We got 2 new nephews.  Beth and Derek and Tyler and Chyanne each had little boys this year.  It is great all having babies at the same time and being able to help one another.  We also love it when the cousins get to play together.
Lynnlee, Jace and Beth
Grayson and Lynnlee

Lynnlee not really sure about the Jace

Lynnlee picking on Grayson

1- Our number one this year was defiantly the birth of our sweet Lynnlee Marie.  She is such a great little baby and we love watching her grow.  It is truly a blessing having her in our life.
Lynnlee the day she was born

Lynnlee and her amazing mom

Our little Christmas Elf

Happy Baby
She loves her toy
Showing her favorite thing to do with the
Christmas tree