Thursday, December 26, 2013

I’ve realized, all too suddenly, that life as we, my little family, know it, is coming to an end. By this time next year we will be living somewhere else, as in, not Rexburg. Say what? Should I say that again? I think so, not Rexburg! Whew, that feels good. So close and yet, so far. One day I’ll look back at these last 6 days of Fall Semester 2013 and say, “Wow! Those six days flew by!” But, today is not that day.

Family Christmas Photo

Why am I writing a blog when I haven’t written one since this past summer, you ask? Well, truth be told, I’m putting off all the annoying final projects I have to do over the next, very long, six days. You don’t want to hear about all that boring, crazy stuff that you probably would skip over any way. What you really want to see is Lynnlee!

She's letting us know how she really feels...
Lynnlee is getting so big, so fast! She’s a monkey and has fallen off our chairs onto our kitchen floor about four times in the past month.

Every time I’ve told her to get down. You’d think she’d learn… Though she’s had a few run-ins with the ground she’s still bright as ever! She loves to read to Mitch and me and she loves to color! She has also started talking! I love it! Because we have our pre-lit Christmas Tree up, she likes to point to each color and make me say them. Today she surprised me by telling me the light was “blue.”  (The light was indeed green but what does that matter? She said a word!) The past few days she said words with a little coercing but this was all on her own. It was the sweetest thing ever.

Other words she says: Dog, goat, night night, bye, hi, NO (I very much dislike that one), don’t (like this one even less), Papaw, Nana, Meemaw (when she feels like it) and duck.
Most of the animals are due to an app on the iPad. This may surprise you but, I’m not a perfect parent so she does know how to start the iPad on her own. “Peek-a-boo Barn” has also taught her to say “Shh” when it is dark. Anyway, I digress.

She’s brilliant and beautiful and still has no hair. There are too many stories I’d like to tell that are cute and sweet and would tell you everything you’ve missed out on over the past six months but that’s too much work so here are a few pictures to tell the stories. 

Helping Juj open her presents. She's so sweet that way.

Swinging at Uncle Robin's 

All of the Swallow's