Friday, January 31, 2014

A few new things!

Well, things are going great here in our neck of the woods! We have a few new and exciting things to share with you all, two involving Lynnlee, who happens to be the smartest kid in the world.

First, Baby number two is doing great! I'm 29 weeks along and she is right on track. She's also just as good as Lynnlee at jabbing her feet under my ribs, which I could do without. Mitch likes to laugh at my belly when he sees her move across it. Lynnlee is getting a little confused with where our new baby is and she's almost certain that her belly is a baby. It's quite funny. She has run into the habit of lifting up my shirt to rub my belly, certainly not my favorite thing, her hands are always freezing! She's getting so excited to have a baby though. Whenever we Skype Courtney or Adam she wants to hold the babies. It's great that we have so many new babies in our ward, it keeps her highly entertained.
Have fun deciphering this one!

You can basically only see her hands here...

Her little face! 

Next, we've decided that Lynnlee is the smartest kid in the world! Mitch got Lynnlee a new matching app on the iPad. She matches everything! It's so fun to watch her figure it out. You see her eyes scanning each piece and then she puts it where it belongs! She's getting so big; it breaks my heart.

She also is sleeping in her big girl bed for the first night tonight! She took a nap earlier today and it was pretty impressive. We only had to lay her back down once and she went straight to sleep. I'm so proud of her! Mitch actually broke down the crib and created the toddler bed. He's pretty proud of it.

The introduction

Sleeping so well! 

Starting to wake up! 

Here are a few fun pictures and videos for your enjoyment!

Carrying her own baby! 

Too cool! 

Sleeps just like her Papi!



Did I really just do that...? 

I love this video so, so much! 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas, New Years and a visitor!

We were able to celebrate our Christmas here in Rexburg with Uncle Lane and Aunt Mallory! We stayed at their house on Christmas Eve, had dinner and woke up to enjoy presents with one another. It was a ton of fun.

My birthday was on the 27th and Mitch took me to Olive Garden for dinner and we watched two movies! Frozen and Thor: The Dark World. We justified this by saying Thor was in the cheap theater lol. Lynnlee stayed at Aunt Mallory's again and Mitch and I we able to stay out late and party. Plus, we were able to sleep in, it was glorious!

New Year's was celebrated with my dad and his friend Rosie. He has been traveling for sometime now, to Adam's to visit him, his new baby and Tara, then to California to see my Aunt Nancy and his childhood home, to Oregon to see Courtney and her new addition, Caroline, and then made it to our house here in Rexburg. Needless to say, he's been a very busy man! We enjoyed having them very much though we weren't much fun. We didn't have a long break so all we wanted to do was lounge around. Sadly, one of the things Dad was looking forward to was custard but it was closed while he was here! Poor guy.
           This was actually Mitch and I's first New Year's where we were together because he is usually working. We watched the ball drop together and ate a bunch of snacks :) Dad and Rosie didn't make it till midnight.

Haha ;) 

Don't mind if I do!

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Group shot for the road

I love this photo. 

School has started once again and it will be go, go, go for the next 14 weeks but after that, a whole 5 months off! We can hold on until then, right?

As a side note, I'm being considered for a Teacher's Aide job! Crossing our fingers over here! It'll be nice to have a small income. Besides, I liked grammar enough. It was pretty cool because he sought me out to ask if I'd be willing to work for him, it made me feel pretty wonderful! It all depends on his last TA and if she will be able to work for him again this semester.
Snuggling with Daddy

Homework? Who needs that?


Group shot

We did it! Lynnlee wasn't too happy about it. 

Helping decorate cookies, or maybe just eating them! 


Hey! That's Mom's cereal!

Ooo Stocking goodies!

Skyping and reading our new Christmas book

Getting this packed up!

Here are a few more pictures just for fun. I know there are a lot but you can never have too many! I'm one lucky lady! 

Chocolate face

So excited!

Wait... I don't think I'm ok with that...

Trying to introduce her to Santa, it didn't go all that well...

And Jacer boy!

He is so handsome!

Playing with Mom!
Well, that's all! Hope your year has been going great so far!