Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Few Fun things From February (Yes, the alliteration was purposeful. Enjoy it.)

First, I'd like to just say, nine more weeks and Lynnlee will have a new sister! Yay! Like almost everyone else, I'm a lot bigger than with Lynnlee but hey, it happens. Here are basically the only photos I've take of this pregnancy. This baby is going to feel so neglected... I should work on that. 

29 weeks
20 weeks

 Next, we love Aunt Beth because she does Lynnlee's hair. Now, we need her to come over and teach me! It's so cute. One day I'll know how to do girly things, I'm determined!

How she gets the hair in the first place, I've no idea...

Pig tails!

Lynnlee and I were also able to go down to Tremonton and visit for a day with Aunt Mallory. We had a ton of fun playing in the snow. At the end of which, Lynnlee was shivering and her boots and socks were soaked. She loved it though. Uncle Tyler and Aunt Kendra made a snow slide that was just the right size for Grayson and Lynn to go down. They also helped make a snowman though I think Lynnlee only ate pieces of him...

A slide just for me!

And me!

Catch me Uncle Tommy!

Say "Cheese!"

Lynnlee loves Uncle Ty Ty

Don't mind me, I'm just eating some snowman.

Almost finished.
I forgot to take a picture of the finished product :(

We also found Aunt Chy's piano and we had a blast on that. I'm not sure everyone enjoyed it as much as Lynnlee.

What a goober...

Hahaha Belt it!

 Here are a few randoms that I want to get up here before it's too late. Lynnlee is in the mood of getting herself ready to go and I die every time. It's so funny. She's also quite inventive when she wants something. The other day she wanted the dice out of the entertainment center and I said no so she got her dad's tools and went to work. Luckily she's not quite figured it out.

Sporting some shades 

Nala's ready! She's even got her boots on! 

Using a mini screwdriver... 

 Finally, we have a few Valentine's Day pictures. Just enjoy.

Whenever she gets stickers she puts them on
her belly. 

Every time!

This is the book with the stickers. She didn't want to hold it. 
Our Valentine's Day dinner

She wasn't very happy that she couldn't take the picture herself
but, here are her V-day Pj's.
Her dad seems to think she needs every super hero pajamas ever
made. I can't really complain because these were on sale for 3 bucks! 

 On last thing, Lynnlee fell asleep on the car ride home and it was awesome. It made me giggle so I decided to share it. It's 2 minutes long but quite cute. She talks in her sleep. Haha.