Sunday, March 16, 2014

Well, Lynnlee has been doing new things lately and some are pretty frustrating. She likes to take off her diaper all by herself and run around naked in the mornings. Drives. Me. Nuts. Yesterday during her nap she pooped and took the diaper off. Luckily, she wrapped it up and put it in the corner.  This morning she came out of her room with no pants and her shirt only on one arm. I swear, the things this kid does... Another fun thing she does is yell for birds. She will wait at the window and yell "Bird, bird." Then freak out when she sees one fly by. It's adorable.

Bird Watching
Lynnlee also loves hair pretties! And taking care of her "babies." I'm so excited to have our baby! Lynnlee is going to have a ball! She likes to put her pants on all by herself too, quite funny.

What do you think? 

She looks thirsty. 

Pullin' 'em up!

Haha :) 

The weather has been really great this week again and we've spent a ton of time outside! Lynnlee has made many new friends. She's very sociable but most of the kids aren't fans. The other day she took a kids face in her hands and said "Watch this." He pushed her away and she went down the slide. Quite funny.

Selfie with dad!

She was so close!

Hey guys! I'm coming!

:) Love it. 

We decided that we needed a night out on Saturday and decided to go to Idaho Falls and eat at Texas Roadhouse and visit Merrill and April. Well, on the way we had a little surprise.
Luckily it was just a warning! Mitch is one lucky man. Even though we had a little scare, we loved the food! Steaks are so incredibly delicious.

She didn't want to hear it. 

Here is our written waning :) 
Finally, we got to go see the ducks. Lynnlee chased the geese, she wasn't afraid at all!
"Oh, you want me to say, 'Cheese?' Ok. Cheese."

"Ok, I'll try again."

The steak from Texas Roadhouse! Mmmm!

I just love her!

Here are a few of our duck pictures, too! Man, alive we have a lot more pictures to go!

Chasing the geese. 

"Hey, if they get crackers, so do I!"

Mitchell, stalking his prey! 

Victory is ours! 

Petting her new duck friend! Poor, guy was the slowest...

"Hey, Mom!"

Just like Dad!

She was having too much fun! 


Let's do it again!

Oh yea!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Another week down!

Another week closer to the end of school and it's been productive! Yesterday, Mallory was awesome and watched Lynnlee while I tackled a good portion of my 15-20 page paper. I almost feel like I can breathe :)

It's also another week closer to baby number two! Thank goodness! She's jammed right in my ribs and camps out there all day. Not being huge and pregnant will be glorious. I forgot how creepy it is to watch a baby stretch across your stomach!

Mitch wanted me to show off his plants as well. There are thriving here in our little apartment and he couldn't be more proud. He's working on making the vine plant even. We've even given away a few of the spider plant babies.

We've been having some crazy weather this week as Rexburg tries to decide whether or not it's spring. Lynnlee wasn't a big fan of the hail but she didn't want to come inside either. She's been so excited that it's been warm because we spend much more time outside.

Emma is up for the weekend so we had some fun with her last night before bed. Lynnlee loves her aunts.


Lynnlee has also discovered her new favorite spot when we are hanging out together. I'm not entirely sure how she came up with it but it makes her happy. I'll let her have it for now and hope that it doesn't stick!

We were watching Lion King 1 1/2 and she was worried
when Timon and Pumba went down the water fall :) 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A busy week

So, I've decided that I'm not going to do homework on Sundays and to combat that urge I'm going to be doing blogs instead! This means I have to have my camera around more often than I have in the past 2 months. But, this week we have a few photos that make me happy. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep it up.  No promises though.

As you all know, it's tax season, a highly stressful time of our lives when we all dread having to pay money to  our state and federal governments. Turns out, this year we did not have to pay. We were able to go see Aunt Tristin at H&R Block and she did a fantastic job for us. I was SO excited because this year we didn't have to buy anything! I mean not a thing! All that money was going straight to savings! SCORE!

But, alas, tragedy struck the Swallow house and last Thursday we broke our dryer. We are pretty sure it was the motor and although Mitch tried to fix it, it was no use. We knew the time was coming to get a new set anyway so we went for it. Why? Because we were blessed with a tax refund. I was a little disappointed but then I realized just how lucky we were to have the means to replace that broken washer, especially with a new baby on the way! Ugh so much laundry in the near future, I can see it now.

Preparing for a new delivery. Bye bye old dryer!
But, I digress. We went to a local store here in Rexburg, Bingham and Sons for those of you who are interested, and spoke with Clinton.  He was so helpful! He said he'd do install and take away, provide hoses, everything for no extra cost. How awesome is that?! It was a great deal but, because Mitchell and I are responsible adults now :) we went to shop around. Our next stop was Sears and HOLY COW! So much more expensive! 30 more dollars for delivery, 10 dollars each for take away, more money for hoses, etcetera, etcetera. I was amazed. I looked online a little bit that night and still felt our best bet was our first look. So, we went to Bingham's and bought ourselves a top load, high efficiency washer and dryer. We wanted the front load but it would have been another 600 dollars and like I said before, responsible adults! Without further ado here they are. Also, Lynnlee loves our new dryer... Weirdo...

Mitch's "Really, Emily? A picture? You're turning into my mom." Face.

Brand new!

It's the one without the tall agitator. 

Much bigger than our old one. 

"Who wants to party in the dryer?!"
Like I said, she loves the dryer. Good golly, I love her.

Mitch also had a career fair this week and was able to find out a little more about a Master's degree and talk to one of Kenney's and Tyler's coworkers from West Liberty. He said it was fun but he felt out of place since we couldn't go anywhere until I'm done in December. He was able to talk to Utah State about going to get his Master's degree there and it sounds like a great opportunity. He found he can get two degrees in two years. Now that it's in our minds we've got a lot of planning and praying to do! 
Isn't he handsome? 
Yesterday, Ty and Chy were able to come up and visit even though the weather wasn't the greatest. We had great cousin time when Beth came over with Jace. It was funny to watch them interact. Lynnlee is a social butterfly and wanted to hug Grayson and be his best friend whereas, Grayson wanted to play in his own little corner with his three toys and be left alone. Jace just kept following them around trying to steal their balls. It was entertaining. Whenever either boy would cry Lynn would pat them on the back or hug them. It was so cute.

His corner. I love this picture. 
Laughing at Uncle Ty Ty

She loved Tyler, they had a ton of fun.

Just relaxing because
Lynnlee stole his jacket. 

The last few are of Lynnlee attempting to help out, use the potty, and getting ready for church today. She's so much fun all the time! I can't wait until 7 weeks from now when we are done with school so we can play, play, play! Lynnlee has also learned "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" so hopefully I can get a video of that for next week. Until then! Have a great Sabbath and stay safe! 

Helping me do the laundry and having a great time. 

She wanted to use the potty all by herself. 

Her in her bathrobe! After our bath and shower today we
got to hang out together in them. So fun, she loved it.

Cleaning her ears just like mom.