Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Hello everyone! It has been one busy/boring week. We've been waiting and waiting and still no baby, but we've been doing things to distract ourselves. My mom is here to help with the baby, if she comes, and we've been having a fun time with her.

Monday Mitch and Lynnlee went to Tremonton to pick up my mom from the airport and spend time with Kenney, Teresa and the rest of the family. Lynn had so much fun with all the animals!

Just hanging out in the house

She loves the puppies, sometimes a little too hard...


Do I smell bacon? 

On Wednesday we went a huge walk! We walked to Deseret Book then up around campus and back to our house. It was tons of fun and yet, no baby came from it. She's grounded when she comes out :)

Thursday we were able to make a trip to Idaho Falls and get clothes for Mitch's internship which he starts on Monday! We are excited to get things going. School starts for the both of us again on Monday, Mitch is taking one class on campus and we are both taking an online class. My student teaching interviews are just around the corner, too. Prayers would be greatly appreciated!

On Friday, Mitch became very creative and made a kite from a fishing pole, a garbage bag, and some small pipes we had laying around. It was quite impressive and flew very high. It was almost too windy to fly though!

Lynnlee was quite entertained

"Hey Mom!"

It's a big one! 

Grilling for lunch

Saturday we had an Easter egg hunt for our complex and Lynnlee was loving it! She didn't need any encouragement from us to find all the eggs she wanted. They also fed us breakfast, we had a fun time.


It was a little chilly but oh so fun!

Whoa! Strawberry! 

She was focused! 

"Mom, you're throwing off my groove!

Here are a few more from this morning. We had a good Easter and hope that you all have a great day. We are so grateful for the sacrifice the Lord made on our behalf and strive to remember Him daily. Happy Sabbath!

"Look Meemaw, I found an egg!"

Opening treats from Nana and Papaw

Mom's easter candy, salt water taffy! 

She was sitting on her eggs... waiting for them to hatch?
Not real sure why she was doing it but I laughed.

Easter goodies!

This was from the other morning, Mimi and Popi sent her a few
things. She likes her Easter bag. 

She has the most beautiful profile in the world! 

Working for the eggs


Sunday, April 13, 2014


We had a long week this week. Mitch and I were able to finish up school but only after we had taken quite a few test. We both passed everything and my awesome husband got all A's! I'm so proud of him! He's finishing up in July and we cannot wait! He was able to get his internship and therefore is on a leave of absence from Walmart. Hopefully, he will be able to quit Walmart and start a job that applies to his major! Prayers are much appreciated.

39 Weeks and the last day of school
 for the semester!
I finished up my semester too but not as well as Mitchell. I got 4 A's and a B+, my first one. But, I can't complain because I really did work hard to get that B+. Now, Mitch has two classes and I have five, we are so, so close!

Mitch is the sweetest and got me a few treats
for surviving the last three months. 

Speaking of close, three more days until my due date! Whoo Hoo! My mom also arrives on Monday and I couldn't be more excited!

Kenney, Emma, Tommy and Kendra came up this weekend and Lynnlee was in Heaven! She loves her Papaw and Aunts and Uncle. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures but we were very productive. Together we were able to clean up and pack Beth's apartment in about 2 hours. It was impressive. Jess and Holly, Beth's sister-in-laws, helped as well. We had a good time. Lynnlee made sure to run Tommy all over the place after the trailer was packed.

Here are a few pictures to entertain you all. Hope you have a great Sabbath and a wonderful week.
She loved dancing to the choir during

She also loved dumping her blocks two minutes
 later when the talks started...

Lynn loves to lay up there. I'm not entirely sure why
but I think it's cute.

Her first sprinkled doughnut.
She was having a blast!

She is a big girl some days and likes to eat at the table
with us,
 yet, she won't use her fork half the time...

I write my grocery list on the fridge and one day Lynn saw me.
She decided she needed to draw Mom, Dad, baby, Judge, and Nini and I drew her.
It was too cute. 

"Mom, I did it! Cheese!" She was trying to put that hat
on for five minutes. The Velcro gets her every time. 

Just a quick shout out to my awesome nieces!
I miss them!

My sweet Carolina! 

This is our friends baby, John. He has been preparing
Lynnlee for life with a new born.
She loves him, almost a little too much some days. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nine more days!

So things are getting pretty busy around here.  There are 9 more days until our new addition comes to our family and 5 more days til the end of winter semester.  Emily and I are very excited to be done with this semester.  We are both taking classes next semester but neither of us are taking a full load of courses.  I am only taking 2 classes (4 credits) and Emily is taking 1 class (3 credits).  The best part about it is the the fact that this will be my last semester.  That's right, I will be graduating in July!  I am ready to be done.  Emily will walk in December and finish student teaching in April 2015.  We are excited to be so close.

Another good thing that happened was that I found out that I got an internship. Thank you for the prayers and support.  It is a semester long internship at the E Center here in Rexburg.  I am very excited and it will be good for my future career opportunities.  Another fun thing that is happening is the fact that April 12th is my last day at Walmart for a while.  I am taking time off to help with the baby and finish up my schooling.  It will be a great summer.

Here are some pictures for our last couple of weeks including a fun visit from the Rocknak family.  It is always great to see those guys.

Riding her horse with her doll

Helping Mommy clean

Hands in pockets like Daddy

This is the face Lynnlee makes while she watches Frozen.  She
loves that movie!

Playing Catan at Lane and Mal's with Jarom

Lynnlee loves eating snow

It's cold but she likes being outside

We got a new stroller and Lynnlee liked playing in the box

I broke the box down and made a slide.  Lynnlee thought it
was the best thing ever

She kept jumping down the slide

Look at that air!

Family time in Idaho Falls

Aunt Tera was really good at posing!

Lynnlee loved hanging out with her cousin Kaitlin.  Lynnlee ran
all over the place. It was great!

Look at that beautiful smile!