Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fun in Tremonton and in some sun!

Last weekend we were able to go to Tremonton to celebrate Mother's Day with Teresa, Beth, and Chyanne. Both Lynnlee and Amelia slept on the way there, it was fantastic. We stayed with Ty and Chy and played some games but the best part was seeing the puppies at Kenney and Teresa's! Wow, did Lynnlee love the puppies! She also loved playing with Uncle Tommy and Aunt Kendra, not to mention Uncle Tyler! Mitch got his wiffle ball fix, too, while we were there. Teresa gave Beth, Chyanne and me roses which were beautiful (Go to her blog to see them, I didn't have my camera at the time). We spent all day on Mother's Day at Kenney and Teresa's watching feel good movies and Skyping Mitch's grandma.

In Heaven! 

Rosie was a little worried about Lynn's ability to carry
her puppies without squishing them!

Mitch showing off his picture taking skills
and what cute models!

Lynnlee's makeshift microphone!
She was belting it!

Aunt Lillie and Amelia

Jace was much more accepting of Amelia this time. 

Uncle Ty Ty secretly wishing he had girls ;)

Since we've been back we've been pretty busy. Mitch has been assigned a new project for his internship and it is taking up a lot of his time, meeting with the new client, his supervisors, and one of his old professors. But, he's doing great and getting things done. I'm so proud of him.

We've also signed up for a softball team at the school. We got together with people in our ward and created a team. Unfortunately, I can't quite play yet (I get cleared on the 29th), but Mitch has been doing great. Our first game was a little rocky but the second one we found our stride and played much better.

Mitch after hitting a home-run over the
 center field wall and going to get it.
He's not sure it was entirely worth it.

Yesterday was a really nice day to play outside, which we've been doing a lot of this week, and so, Lynnlee, Amelia, and I went out to watch Mitch play in the 3-on-3 basketball tournament. We also had a UV "Fun in the Sun" activity.  Lynnlee had her face painted and enjoyed a nice big thing of cotton candy.

Action shot! 

Getting the rebound!

"Mom, I don't want to wear these anymore!"
Making a wish

She wasn't very good at staying still so she just got a heart.
She was much more interested in the bubbles. 

Here are a few more fun photos from the week. We are loving the warm weather and the new baby!
Lynnlee likes to love on Amelia...

"I played in the sprinklers and it was awesome!"

"Wait for me!"

Morning snuggle time! 

Hehe. Made me giggle. 

She was wide awake!

She melts into everything. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Our New Arrival, Baby Amelia!

We'd like to introduce you to our new baby, Amelia Michelle Swallow! She was born April 22, 2014 at 1:00 pm. She was due on the 16th but decided to be stubborn. I hadn't dilated at all by the 21st and my doctor advised me to schedule a c-section. It was a bit of a bummer but I was able to have a healthy, happy baby girl due to the great advances in technology.

Getting preped. Lynnlee was
The last belly picture before
the baby!

Meemaw and Amelia!
It was a lot different having the c-section planned, much less rushed and I remember a lot more. Dr. Watson was marvelous in the operating room and kept me informed as he performed the c-section. It was interesting to think that while I was laying on a table, wide awake, the lower half of my body was cut open.

We stayed at the hospital for three days, Tuesday to Friday. It was a long few days and I missed my Lynnlee girl like crazy! She loves her new baby, sometimes a little too hard. Here are a few pictures from the hospital.

All cleaned up and ready to go. 

I was so glad that my mom was able
to come out and help me! 

Meeting baby Amelia! 

She wanted to hold her sister but lost interest very quickly. 

A proud dad!

Let's get out of here! 
We had a bunch of visitor the first week of Amelia's life and it was tons of fun! Courtney came over from Oregon like an amazing sister, Teresa came up to help and Merrill and his family came to visit as well as Beth and Derek.
Apparently we like to ride our cousin Caroline! 

Bailey and Lizzie loved Amelia! 

Sleeping with our cousins

Caroline was so patient with Lynnlee. Lynn thought riding
Caroline was a great sport. 

Amelia is happy and healthy! She's already gained a pound since she's been born and didn't have any jaundice whatsoever, it's great. Here are few extra photos! We feel so blessed to have another child in our life and are so happy that Lynnlee loves her as much as we do. Have a great day!
This is baby Lynnlee,
she and Amelia look a lot
Hehe she's a very melty baby, I love it! 

First tummy time

Snuggling with my favorite girls! 

Amelia's one week old photo! She's so big already. 

First bath at home. She wasn't a fan but her second bath,
she loved.