Sunday, June 22, 2014

Swallow Activity, Amelia's Blessing, and Lynnlee's birthday

After our Ohio trip we had a Lillie's graduation, a Swamily Activity, Amelia's blessing and Lynnlee's 2nd birthday party. It was a bust week for Mitch and me, we drove all over the place!

Lillie's graduation was on Friday, the 30th of May and we were able to go down and listen to see her get her diploma. She made Salutatorian and was able to give a speech at graduation. Her speech was awesome, just like she is! It was interesting how they had all of the 4.0 students give a quote of their choosing, there were some pretty good ones. Her class was quite large so we were there for a while. Lynn got to play with her quiet book from Nana but before that she made sure to yell Lillie's name in the dead silent gymnasium as the veterans carried the flag to the podium.

Ignore the goofy smile on my face. I was laughing. Of
course everyone else looked great! Dang it Emily, get
it together! 
The next day we went to Downata springs. It was awesome! Highly recommend it to anyone close to here. There is a large pool with a slide and two large slides in a different area. Mitch and I loved the slide that went straight down and then under the ground! The first time I went down I couldn't help but scream. So great! Lynnlee had an absolute blast, she's such a water bug!

Lovin' Uncle Ty Ty
Getting wet before going down the slides

I love Lillie's photo bomb :) 

Lynnlee was being a flirt and holding hands with random boys!

Mitch coming down the bigger slide. It was so long and so hot!

Kenney's turn


Ty Ty

Tommy whippin' his hair back and forth

Hanging  out with Aunt Lillie

Seeing how high they can get the water

I have three pictures of them doing the exact same thing with
their hands! She is a mini Mitchell. 

Run away! They would point it right at her when she got close.

After our lunch at Downata we drove up to Rexburg and had our Swamily meeting. It was weird discussing future Swamily activities because everyone is finishing up school and settling into a new chapter, which means new places.

Papaw is such a pretty princess

Tyler had to pull a Gaston and break the necklace off
when he flexed his neck. 


My Amelia babe with Aunt Beth

On Sunday we had both Amelia's baby blessing and Lynnlee's 2nd birthday party. Aunt April was kind enough to make Lynn's cake, a Nala. April's the sweetest. Amelia had plenty of people to help with the blessing, Great Grandpa Judy, Papaw, loads of Great Uncles, Uncle Ty Ty and a few friends of Mitchell's and mine, Adam Franklin, and Dylan Naef.

Daddy and baby Amelia on her Blessing day 

Our little family

Amelia's dress was given to us by Meemaw
The Swallow family. The first family photo with Nate included.
We are so excited for Emma! 

Hook'em horns!
Lynn opening up her presents

It's Nala!

I can't believe my Lynnlee girl is two already!

Decapitating Nala... Uncle Merrill wanted red filling but
that might have scarred the children...

A big shout out to Lane and Mallory for letting us use their house once again to have our parties! They are the greatest!

We've also been really lucky to have such a great apartment and environment here at University Village. We love our neighbors and the management throws use appreciation parties with delicious food! I feel so blessed to be able to live in such an environment as this. I wish I had a more photos to show you how much fun Lynn has outside but alas, I have only a few. Just know that she is adorable, though a little bossy at times! ;)

Having fun at the park 


What a weirdo... She falls asleep in
strange places

We had a photo shoot for Father's Day and here
are a few of them. 

Ooo flowers!

She's so beautiful!

Lynnlee's friends, also our neighbors, Maddie and Samantha.



Smiling for her dad

Throwing things in the pool. 

Photo op with Dad!

Lynn loves being a big sister. She tries to carry her sister everywhere! It's a little stressful but too cute. She also believes that she can feed her sister just like Mom, it's hilarious.
Holding her baby

"Ready! Baby, ready!"


Oh! We started potty training Lynnlee! It was super stressful the first three days but Lynn is doing so much better now! We are so, so proud of her. She has an accident about once a day but stays dry throughout the nights and her naps. She's easily distracted so it's hard to get her to the bathroom when she's having fun. Here are a few more random pictures of the girls. Thanks for looking at the blog! We love you guys, have a great Sabbath!
Doing the eye brow raise just like her momma

She's my little chunk

For Father's Day we went to the arcade and
Lynn almost had as much fun as Mitchell.

We started potty training so Lynnlee was
experimenting with how many undies
she could put on at once

Aw, so sad!

Racing Dad!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

O H - I O!

We were able to go back to Ohio for my sister Sarah's graduation. She is so awesome, I'm very proud of her. My baby brother Andy also turned 13 while we were there. It was a busy trip. We tried to see everyone we could so it was go, go, go. I have so many photos so I'm going to go ahead and show you all of those.
Just in case you need clarification as you go through the photos, Papaw and Nana = Mitch's parents, Papi = my stepfather, Jose, Meemaw = my mom, then Grandpa Peaches is my dad.
This is while we were packing. Lynnlee thought
her baby was cold and needed a blanket. 

The night at Nana and Papaw's. The puppies chased her
around the yard, it was precious. 

We love Aunt Shiloh!

I absolutely love this photo!

Having fun with Papi

Uncle Andy teaching Lynn how to play. 

Winking at ya! 

Giving Aunt Kimmy some kisses

I love this face. 

My goofy brothers!


Juj showing off her fishing hammer

Are words necessary? 

Pretty little Loralie


Happy Grandpa Peaches with his granddaughters,
minus Audra. :(

The Souza gang
I love this picture!
My happy Carolina
Happy Birthday baby brother!
After a long day we got a picture. I think we should have
done it before the party... Hey, it is what it is!
Me and my favorite Sarahs!
Nap time with Papi. 
Haha this guy! 
A beautiful grad if I've ever seen one!
I absolutely love this picture of them together!
Family plus Sarah's boyfriend, Devin. 
A biker babe! Taking a ride with Grandpa Peaches
Seriously, I miss this guy already!
After the Memorial day parade, walking back to the car.
Grandpa Peaches with the girls
Eating at Happy Rose! So delicious!
Becca was such a sweet dog! Lynnlee loved her.
Not the best picture but I love this man! 
Papi and Meemaw with the girls! 
Hanging out, eating chips with Papi 
It was a great trip and we had so, so much fun! The weather was great and Lynn loved seeing her aunts and uncles. We can't wait to go back and see everyone again. Oh, I'd like to brag about how awesome my girls are while I can. They were so good on the plane! Lynn sat with us, didn't cry (except when we were taxing to the gate on the first flight) and Amelia slept the entire time! I love them! Greatest kids ever!
Thanks everyone! Happy Sunday. Another blog will be up by the end of the day so be excited!