Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fourth of July and a Little Extra

We have had a fun last few weeks. Finally, Mitch and I were able to go to the fireworks together for the first time! We went to Idaho Falls and we had a blast! Before we went to the river we enjoyed a BBQ with April, Merrill, Jerom, Bailey, Lizzie, Carter and Benson. We got to relax in the shade while the kids played on the slip and slide and in the little pool. Lynn had so, so much fun!

What a great helper.

Haha, she fell off the slide!

Playing with Lizzie

Is this how you do it?

No, this is how you do it!

No, no, no. THIS is how you do it!
The men threw them down, it was a blast!


Pool fun

Rocking Lizzie's goggles. 
After the BBQ we met Adam and Sam at the river and played all night, from about 3 to 12.We went to the festivities and Lynn got to go in one of the bouncy houses, she was in heaven. We also made sure to get a giant turkey leg, and a funnel cake, both were delicious! It was Lynnlee's first fireworks. She liked them at first but then said they hurt her eyes. "Ow, Daddy. My eyes, ow."

Getting some height!

Loving life

Laughing at kids that fell!

A few photos from the fireworks

Dad, look!


Here are a few fun ones that we took recently. I've been working on emotions with Lynnlee and she decided to model a few! Also, we have a few photos for Papaw!

Angry face! "GRR"

Surprised face

Sad face :(

Silly face

Happy face

Wearing our Texas hats from Papaw!

Amelia is as big as Lynn! I love it!

Lynnlee's towers before they got destroyed. 
A few weeks ago we went to the drive in and we lost Nala, turns out she was just buried in Sam's blankets. Lynnlee was ecstatic! "Nala, you're home!" Was the official response.

Amelia was pretty happy about it.

Or was she...?

All dress and ready to go

Lynn's room has become a prison during nap time because she won't stay in to take a nap.
Well, I put the gates this far apart and she still got out. Sneaky, sneaky.

Her first ice cream cone


"Mom, why do you keep taking pictures of me? I'm trying to eat!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Trips to Tremonton and the Zoo

A few weeks ago Lynn, Amelia, and I went down to Salt Lake to see Courtney and the girls. On our way back to Rexburg we stopped to see Kenney and Teresa and ended up staying for a few days. The trip was pretty hard on Lynnlee because we are potty training and she wasn't a big fan of sitting on the potty when she had people to play with. Needless to say, we had accidents, just ask Aunt Courtney or Aunt Lillie! Poor ladies...

But we did have so much fun! On Saturday the 28th we went to the Tautphaus Park Zoo with Mitch's mission buddy, Driscoll, and his wife and daughter. The girls loved the zoo but they were much more interested in the domestic animals than the cool ones we wanted to see.

She liked the parrots a lot. 

She kept calling anything that resembled a horse, "horsey!"

Her new friend Eden

In the egg

I love that smile!

Sally the camel had two humps.

Feeding the tiger

Apparently the tiger was moving all over the place.
I missed it but Mitch got a few decent photos.

This was the goofiest looking monkey I've ever seen!

"I guess it's cool, Mom."

My favorite, flamingos!

Five years later

Right after the zoo the girls and I traveled to Fance Nancy's house (Chris' mom) and met up with Aunt Nee Nee, Chris, Peyton, Loralie, and Carolina. Chris was running the Spartan and was able to finish. He only failed two obstacles and rocked all the rest! He is so impressive! We stayed for about 4 hours and Lynnlee loved seeing her cousins! Peyton and Loralie made sure to tell us the second Lynnlee touched anything she wasn't supposed to, it was pretty entertaining. Courtney provided us with the most delicious cheesecake I've ever had! It was from the Cheesecake Factory and I'm pretty sure it was called the tuxedo, or something like that. Finally, we headed back up to Tremonton around 10pm.

Peyton showing us all how good the cheesecake was!

Showing off her medal, though I think it was her dads...

Best friend cousins!

Caroline likes to play the "tilt your head" game. She's adorable!

Definitely best friends!

We stayed Sunday and Monday with Papaw and Nana. Papaw turned Lynnlee into a trollop for the weekend, teaching her to give out kisses for money. She kissed Aunt Lillie and held out her hand and said "Money!" It was pretty funny but I'm hoping it doesn't stick. So far, so good. On Monday we got to see Tommy play! It was quite fun!

Loving the cowgirl hat

After Tommy's baseball game
They look so much alike! Lynn is definitely a Swallow!

A happy Nana and Amelia!

Tyler and Chyanne had just bought a kiddie pool so we went over and spent quite some time playing in the water. Lynn was so cold you could see her visibly shaking, so we took a break, let it warm up, and tried again. She loved it!
We started with this...

Then this...

And finally this.

It was freezing!

All the while, Amelia was hanging out in the shade,
having a good ole' time!