Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Quick Trip and Time with Beth

So, this week turned out to be pretty busy. Mitch applied for a job in Tremonton on Sunday, had a screening on Monday, and then had a face to face interview on Thursday. We had the opportunity to go to Tremonton again and see Nana and Papaw. But first,

We went to visit Aunt Beth in St. Anthony and had a good time. Jace liked Amelia this time but still didn't want to hold her. He loved to give her a ton of kisses. Lynn was a big fan of Jace's toys.

As you can see, he wasn't a fan
of holding her

Haha, you're a baby!

Really, Aunt Emily, really?

The girls and I had a good time throughout the week while their Dad was at work. As a bonus, I added where Lynnlee likes to sleep.

It's Lynnlee's chair. 

The following photos were taking in a sequence and I died a little while I took them.
Are you ready, Amelia?

Got ya! But not quite tight enough, you're still wiggling.

Ah! Just right!

First she's sour, then she's sweet.
Reading to her baby sister.

As promised, Lynnlee's sleeping spot, the top
of the stairs, right on the edge, you know, so
she can fall all the way down. 
Wednesday night we drove down to Tremonton after Mitch got off work. His interview was scheduled for 3:30 but we wanted to be able to spend time with the family. Mitch says he feels pretty good about the interview and we find out if he got the job or not this week, we hope. Prayers are always appreciated!


Playing with Aunt Lillie's utensils for college

Kenney and Teresa, just hanging out.

I told Mitch I wanted a picture of his interview outfit and he
and Lillie had a fun time with the camera.

Hmm.. I think maybe this is a Superman pose
but I can't be sure.

No clue...

Lillie showing her camera taking abilities.

Aunt Lillie and Amelia Bedelia.

Happy baby!

Friday we went to the drive-in with Sam and Adam, of course I forgot to take pictures but we had a great time. We watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Guardians of the Galaxy. Mitch really liked Guardians, it is certainly one we will own.

Saturday we went up to Clifford's Mountain with the Judy's and had a good time riding the four wheeler, roasting hot dogs, hiking, playing horseshoes, and talking.

Finding willows to roast with

Hiking around

Cruising on the four wheeler

Me and Amelia

Hanging out in Aunt Mal's 'house'


Lynn wanted to shoot a bee-bee gun so
 Aunt Delene helped her

Climbing the rocks

Aunt Taletha and the girls after a long
hike down to the swimming hole.

We had a fast and furious week, full of fun and driving! We are so grateful to be able to see some of our family often.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Emma's Wedding and such!

On August 2nd Emma got married to Nathan at the Brigham City Temple.  It was a great ceremony.  The wedding was at 9:15 and we had to be there early.  When we got to the temple it was great to have cousins, aunts, and uncles that were able to watch Lynn and Mia.  We left the kids outside and and joined the others inside.

Part of the babysitters club
 After the ceremony started the long process of pictures and family fun.  Below are some of the pictures that we were able to take of the picture taking process.

Everyone waiting for our positions

Cousin Benson

Emma leading out her new man

The classy Swallow hand raise

True loves first kiss, NOT! Emma and Nathan were well practiced
at the whole kissing part of marriage

This picture looks like Tyler is leading the masses

As you can tell we waited awhile for pictures
Papaw and the girls

Our Family

After the pictures and the fun we attended the reception at the church.  It was great to see family and friends.  We laughed, played, and took more pictures.

Lynn loved helping in the kitchen

Me and Lynnlee dancing

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Meeting Uncle Adam, Aunt Tara, and cousin Audra!

The last two days in Colorado were for us to visit my brother Adam, his wife Tara, and his daughter Audra! It was the first time Lynnlee got to meet Uncle Adam, Aunt Tara, and Audra. Audra is 11 months old so Lynnlee was the oldest. She did not like being the oldest. Audra would follow her around and take some toys that were "Lynnlee's." Lynn had to learn how to share.

My oldest brother Adam. 

That's Aunt Tara in the back

Breakfast at Aunt Tara's and Uncle Adam's

She put this on her head to keep it
from Audra.

Uncle Adam and Amelia

Hanging with Uncle Adam, literally. 

Enjoying peanuts at Texas Roadhouse. 

Adam was working but he was able to get the afternoon off and take us to Texas Road house. By this point of our trip we were exhausted and we were ill. I felt so bad, all we wanted to do was sleep. But, Adam and Tara were great to us. Next time I hope to be able to stay longer when it isn't raining. I'd love to go to Manitou Springs and Garden of the Gods. 
I miss them already and look forward to seeing them again soon!