Monday, October 13, 2014

A New Blogger for your Enjoyment!

Hello all, hope things are going well for you.  Emily has informed me that I am now in charge of the blog for a while so we will see how that goes.  Just a quick catch up, Emily is doing great this semester.  Her classes are a lot more hands on, which means less papers, but more work.  Lynnlee, Amelia and I are having great fun at home.  I tell you being a stay at home dad has given me great respect for all the stay at home moms!  A personal thank you to my mom for all she has done for me.

Towards the end of September on the 22nd, Amelia turned 5 months old.  She is such a funny baby, she is rolling all over the house and if she wants something she gets it. She loves to play with water bottles, anything Lynnlee is playing with, and the DVDs.  Yes, that's right, she is already getting into the DVDS.  She can sit up in her own (most of the time) and now has 2 teeth.  We love our sweet Amelia baby!

Showing off her sitting skills

 Lynnlee has recently decided that her favorite thing to do is paint.  She loves to show us her masterpieces and she also likes it when we paint with her.  She loves to use the color black as well.  I think it is because it shows up so well.  Needless to say she ran out of black paint pretty quickly.

Here we are at the start of the maze

 In the beginning of October we were able to go a local straw maze.  We went with Aunt Mallory and it was a lot of fun. We let Lynnlee lead the way and she did pretty good.  The best part of the day was when Lynnlee would find a dead end. When ever a trail ended she would say, " Dang it, sorry guys," and then go to a different path.  She was fun to watch.
Lynnlee leading the way

Lynnlee liked it when they would hang twine from the ceiling

Here we are at the end of the maze.  You can't really tell but
it is dark now.  We were in the maze for about an hour and a half.

Here Lynn is telling me she can do it on her own
 The people that created the maze also put together some slides and straw fun for those that came to visit.  Lynnlee liked the big slide.
We liked playing with the big tire

Amelia loves her Aunt Mal! 
There are the girls showing off their Halloween shirts

Holding hands because they love each other

Well that is some of most recent activities.  I will be writing more soon, as long as I remember to take pictures.  Have a great week!