Sunday, November 16, 2014

Remember Remember our Days in November!

To start off this blog I would like to share some cute pictures of how our girls are growing and having fun.  As you may know, Amelia is 6 months old and apparently for her that means she is big. One of her favorite things to do now is crawl to the stairs and use them to stand up.  She really wants to climb up that first step and she is getting closer everyday.
See how happy she is!

Next are a few pictures of our Lynnlee girl.  She is getting very big.  She loves to wear my hats and show them off to Mommy, and she also loves to fish.  I made her a magnet fishing activity. She is pretty good, but we are working on the reeling in part.
She thinks she is such a Gangster!

Got ONE!

We got to go to my cousin Jake Haroldsen's mission farewell.  It was a lot of fun, plus I got an honorable mention during Jake's talk.  After the church service we all gathered for a delicious luncheon.  It was full of good times.

Me departing words of wisdom to the new missionary.

Lynnlee loves hanging out with cousins.

Everyone loves holding Amelia.

She is the cutest center piece!
As you can tell Amelia was all partied out.

It's good to catch up.

Enjoy your Mission JAKE!

Due to the fact that both Emily and I's laptops are not the best, we broke down and bought a new computer. We had some unexpected (but greatly appreciated) move come in from a car sale, so we felt it was time.  We decided to get a laptop and we are very happy with our choice.  It has been fun getting pictures and things transferred and updated.
Amelia loved to boxes

Lynnlee "helping" Mommy

Amelia thought she found the coolest cave full of her toys
Lynnlee had thrown in there

She explored the deepest depths!

Then panicked and stated to scream when she got stuck.
Just so you know she did this 4 times!

We also wanted to share some photos from our cookie decorating.  Our friends Adam and Sam and their son, John, came over and we decorated some sugar cookies.  It was great fun, but I think Lynnlee had the most fun.
The Men are big helpers

2 of these are Emily's reindeer and turkey. Can you guess
which ones?

She was very excited

For me?

Lynnlee teaching Sam how to do it.

Adam's red, white, and blue frosting.

Enjoying her hard work

My reindeer.  I ate the antler before I was told to take a piture.

Our frosted cookies. Mine is an albino turkey.

To finish I wanted to share a few pictures of Lynnlee to show how big she is getting.  She finished her play preschool last week and is always letting us know she loves us through song.  We love our Lynnlee girl!
Lynnlee's name tag

She loved her face pain

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Longest October of Our Lives!

October has been so very long! Mitch and I were talking about it the other day and we both seem to think that October was twice as long as any other month! We've been very busy as the months gone on. There are plenty of pictures for your enjoyment.

At the beginning of the month we went to the Judy family party for the month and Lynn got to meet and ride a few horses. She was so excited and loved every minute of it.

Mom, a horse! 
Deciding whether or not to run away. 
Aunt Mallory loved the horses too.

Giddy up!

Lovin' on the horse.

It's the phantom!

Dawn and Jerom joined us in looking at the horses. 
We were also able to enjoy the last rays of warmth at Porter park with some friends. The girls loved the swings! We also got to see a puppy!

Swinging fiends!

We also went to the Swamily Activity in Tremonton. Lynn loves to visit Nana, Papaw, Kendy, and Uncle Tom. We stayed with Tyler and Chy and they were wonderful host, as always! We had a lot of fun. 

Decorating cookies!

Sprinkles? Don't mind if I do!

It's Jack! Yes, I did that!

Holding hands through the straw maze.

Lead the way!

Tommy really enjoyed the meeting! 

Lillie being the baby whisperer.

Lovin' the pumpkin patch.

Hey! Don't forget about me!

Carving our pumpkins

Make it a party!

And of course, there was Halloween. The girls were super sisters, I was Martha Kent, and Mitchell was Lex Luther. Lynnlee now tells everyone that she is Superman! 


Racing across the galaxy!

Supergirls with their archrival, Lex!

Our trunk for Trunk or Treat. It says, can you hit the Superman

Mitch made a game for our trunk and he claims he won because he had the most kids! They had to launch kryptonite at Superman's cape. They had velcro that made them stick. He's so clever!

Supergirl #2!

The line starts!

Sam with Amelia and John!

The fam!

So stinking cute. 

Bah! Who could resist this face!

Lynn with her friends!

Sneezing :)

The line grows.

Sam and Adam Franklin's
Here are a few of the trunks we saw.

Halloween Town from N.B.C.

Thought this was clever!

Charlie Brown 

Amelia was the life of the party!

New here are a few random ones showing just how big my babies are getting. They are so awesome. Lynn is doing a play preschool and loving it!

Riding the car like a big girl!

She is adorable!

Her new trick... :/

Watching TV together

Her sixth month pictures!

Being so big!

Her first taste of real food. 


She has far too many animals and books.
She is falling off the bed. 

Amelia and baby Nolan

A Halloween cat!

Standing up on her own!

Lynn wanted in the pack-n-play

Her first day at preschool. She made a cat!

Posing in her classroom.