Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas! Also the first part of Emily's birthday!

So one of my birthday gifts to Emily is that I will do the blog around her birthday.  I agreed to this before I thought about the fact that that will most likely mean I will do the Christmas blog.  (Well played my dear, well played.) Get ready for many many pictures.

So Christmas holiday started with me getting off work and relaxing. We all were able to sleep in and then run a few errands in the morning and then wait for the time to go to Nana and Papaw's.  Below are the pictures from our Christmas Eve fun.
These are our edible Nativities

"Let me show you how to smile Uncle Tom!"


Picture time with Grayson

"This is the surprised look the Shepard will give the Angel, Me!"

Uncle Ty Ty the Shepard

I was a Wiseman

Amelia helped Papaw with the reading

We are ready for our close up!

I was a Wizar...Wiseman!

Amelia was happy to open her PJ's

Two sets of PJs! Kendra Looks like she is about the throw up, Haha!

This is Mia's Cheese Face
Our New  Christmas PJ's

After a crazy fun Christmas Eve we woke up bright and early for Christmas.  The next set of pictures will help you share in our fun.
Santa got us some great presents

Lynnlee and Amelia got dress up clothes!
This picture is Lynn showing off some of her

Emily was pretty excited too!

She was happy to have some presents

We went to Nana and Papaw's later for more presents and leftovers

She got a blanket, Lynnlee has taken it

Present fun

We also got Skype with my sister Lillie in Mexico.
It was great to see her and share stories and tears.  It was
a very special time and  technology is awesome!

After Christmas we were up early and out shopping. We wanted to find some good deals.  Also Nana and Papaw agreed to watch the girls after so that Emily and I could spend the afternoon celebrating her.  It was great!
We ate at Texas Road House! It was very good!

Emily loved her steak!
I don't know what my hand is doing.

That's better

Today is Emily's birthday.  We love her some much and we are all grateful she is in our life.  This is what I said on Facebook. It is a good representation of how I feel about my loving wife!

To my loving wife on the day of your birth,
I love you so much Emily! You are truly amazing and I am so happy we are together! You are so patient, loving, and kind. You are a great example to the girls and me and we are so blessed to have you. Thank you for loving us, putting up with us, laughing with us, and being such a great mom! Emily, you truly are my best friend and I promise I will continue to strive to be the man a wonderful woman like you deserves. If I've said it once I will say it a million times more, thank you for loving me! 
Here is Emily's present from me and the girls

What is in the little black bag?

It a "Time Turner Necklace" just like on
Harry Potter! 

Showing the girls how it works

This is another gift. It is a Book Journal.
Emily is very excited to fill the pages with
all of her book reading!

Well there you have it.  Hope you enjoyed! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Lights!

I keep putting off the blog but I'm ready now. We've been keeping semi busy this month and really gearing up for Christmas. Last Saturday we were able to go to the lights with Tyler, Chyanne, Grayson, Nolan, and Kendra. It was a whirlwind of fun! We rode the train down around two. While riding Nancy, Courtney's mother-in-law and a lovely lady, met us on one of the stops to drop off a Christmas present my mom and sister got me! It is a beautiful quilt. I digress... Anyway we went to the Salt Lake Temple to see the beautiful lights and peruse the visitor centers. Lynnlee adored the nativity on the water. I love seeing the lights, they are always to magical! Afterwards we went out to eat and had a great little date night. 
My quilt! It's like my bookshelf!
I can sleep surrounded by books now!

We're on our way!

These two!

Lynnlee and Amelia loved this one. 

She asked to get a picture with the candles!

Grayson tried to climb in here! :) 

Loving the water. 

Like Kendra's ninja moves to get in the picture?

So beautiful!

On our way home. 

Eating Panda! 

Shoulders, Dad! 

This week has been pretty eventful. Lynnlee and I did finish the alphabet! She knows all of her letters now! Be prepared Meemaw, Papi, and Grandpa Peaches, she's already started writing you "notes." Amelia is working on colors but she is a matching professional! It's one of her favorite activities. Thanks Meemaw for the matching game. Also, thank you iPad apps! :) Speaking of notes, my husband is the sweetest! He wrote us all a sweet note on the fridge. 

Love him! 


Coloring on the fridge. Amelia
loves it!

Our family.

:) The alphabet. 

My sweet husband! 

We did do our cookie plates this past week. I loved it. Amelia and Lynnlee wanted to help so I had them unwrapping kisses for the peanut butter blossoms. Amelia was doing really well for the first two. She unwrapped and put them in the bowl. Next thing I know she shoves the third one in her mouth, and the fourth! Lynnlee knew what to do though. She unwrapped so many! At the end I gave her three for her labors. 


Mitch and I got to help watch Nolan and Grayson while Tyler and Chyanne went to a friends wedding. We had a great time with pizza-palooza! Amelia loves following Grayson around and being Nolan's frenemy. Grayson was adorable while we had our picnic and watched Finding Nemo!  
Pizza palooza. 

We had our ward Christmas party where Lynnlee and Amelia got to meet Santa and make their own snowmen out of homemade playdough. They had a blast! 
Ready to go! 

They got to color on the table cloth.
So smart. 
Why do I have to show you my food?
I just want to eat it? 

Pounding her ice cream. 

The skit by our Relief Society presidency. 

The Young Women meowing the Carol of the Bells. Too cute.

The masterpiece Lynnlee had me draw. 

I'm so glad my kids like Santa. 

Can you handle this? 


She loved making this with her dad. 

We've been having so much fun lately! Here are a few more pictures of what we've been up to. 

Sister time. 

Our new ornaments. The girls love

Family time. 

Like mother, like daughters! 

Oh, you have an entire tray of cookies, I see. 

Eating Nana's cookie plate!

Princess day. 

She's so fancy!

I'm playing with new hairstyles now that her hair is longer! 

Mitch's beautiful picture of the sunset! I'm loving this
winter wonderland.