Sunday, January 25, 2015

And So It Begins...

       It has been a very fast month! I can't believe it's already the 25th. Mitch started his new job on Friday and he was glad to meet his new coworkers. We had an interesting evening on Thursday and Friday while we waited for him to come home. The girls and I were able to spend a lot of time together and I was able to hem my grey pants finally! They actually don't look too bad. Other than that our week has been pretty laid back. Today Mitch packed up a lot of his clothes and things to take to his new room. He's going to be staying with Kenney and Teresa as he looks for an apartment and waits for us. I'm so grateful that we have such a great family willing to help us as we transition to a new stage in our lives.

Lynnlee is quite the little homemaker. 

Amelia yelling at Lynnlee for being too heavy. 

Lynnlee and I got our hair cut by Aunt April a few
weeks ago and we love it. 
So pretty. 

Packing to leave on Thursday. 
His first day of work!

Hanging out, waiting for Dad to get home. 

Lynn loves the toy Nana and Papaw got her. 
She's very proud of her creations. 
We are going to have a very adventurous few months but it'll be great when we get everything moved and in the same place again. Until then, we will bide our time. I just have to wait until the 12th of February for my sister to get here. Yes, the count down has already begun. 18 days! 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

January Fun!

So, this week we are going to show a little of our New Year's fun and some extra, every day activities. For the New Year we went to Merrill and April's for a fun get together with them and Lane and Mallory. They had this really fun idea where at different times throughout the night you pop and balloon and do what it says inside. There were some great ones, from making a snow angel, to attacking boys with silly string! My personal favorite was when the boys got lipstick and the girls got mustaches! Here are a few pictures!

Here's the spread!

More delicious food!

One of the balloons was to play Chubby Bunny!

Mitch had 8 marshmallows!

I only got three...

Lynn got about 6, not all at once though! :)

I think Merrill got 7 or 8 as well. 

Here is Mallory, the Chubby Bunny queen with eleven!

The girls are prepared for the ambush!


Being beautified by Lizzie.

I think this would be the first time I've ever applied lipstick
to anyone other than myself. 

Mitch was not happy with the results!

Ooo! Quite the pair!

Cute couples!

Mitch gave me a goatee!
What a cute man!

Being serious men!

Trying to keep it together!

Happy New Year!

My student teaching started on the 5th of January and it has been amazing! My mentor teacher is lovely, so considerate, and knowledgeable! I'm so lucky to have her to teach me so much! My contract hours are from eight to four so when I get home I try to dedicate the rest of the night to the girls and Mitchell. It's been a pretty great experience so far.

Mitch and I have been trying to get the girls on a good schedule so when he leaves for Tremonton they will transition nicely. April has agreed to watch the girls while I'm at work and what a blessing that is! Lynnlee is excited to get to play at Aunt April's and see cousins Carter and Bensen all day. 

Here are a few gems for you all! Happy Sabbath!

Just some after school fun. Amelia loved this.

Lynnlee loving cousin Wade. 

We were able to meet Wade Derek, Beth's new addition, a few
weeks ago! He's adorable!


Jumping on the bed with Jacer Boy

Snuggling after a long day/

The curlers were from Aunt Kim and we decided to try them out.
They worked pretty well, I just don't know quite how to use them! 

Here's a day in the life! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Once Upon A Very Busy December Part Four: Christmas and Emily's Birthday

I forgot that I needed to create 2 blogs so that we were all caught up so here is the second one.

Christmas what quite the adventure.  Lynnlee is still a little small to understand about Santa, but she does understand presents.  She was the designated present hander outer during the gift unwrapping party.  She loved the attention and we loved our cute helper. Christmas started with the Christmas Eve pajama party and then when on to the next day of family fun.  Enjoy the pictures!
Aren't they CUTE!

This is Tommy's face when he is trying to explain something.

Amelia getting started
Lynnlee is a great unwrapper

Amelia lost interest 
Lynnlee and her new pajamas

And she's back in the game

She liked the taste of the paper best

Sporting her new threads with Papaw

Look at that face

Santa came!

One the stairs Christmas morning
with Nana
She is so excited
Tommy got a TV

Lynnlee showing off her new toys

Amelia thinks she actually gets to eat
those Fruit Loops, HAHA

My sweet new YoYo

She really wanted those Puffs

Emily with her school stufff

Emily got her wish of a white Christmas

Amelia "helping"

Papaw's face after opening his present

Lynnlee's new cloths

Grayson's "Hi Hi Hi" face

So this next set of pictures needs some explaining.  We made aprons as gifts one year, you know the really nice ones with personal messages and hand prints, and I thought they were nice. Well, we had Tommy this year for Christmas and he was very rude about getting an apron. I was never planning on getting him one, but when he was snarky about it I had to do something. Lynnlee, Amelia, and myself made him and apron and hid it in a box that used to hold a crossbow pistol (thanks for the idea Beth).  I weighted down the box to trick him.  He thought he was getting the crossbow and I kelp telling him he was wrong. The next set of pictures show his reaction to the trick. It was great fun.
"This box is too big and heavy to be an apron"

"This is a weird looking crossbow"

"It's NOT a crossbow"

"Smile so I don't get in trouble"

"No, really I like it"(sniff, sniff)

"What? You suck"

"I knew it" (He didn't)

"Both, both are favorite, one is a little
more favorite"

I did it!

And they all lived happy ever after

She loves books!

Emily's 23rd Birthday Extravaganza: 

For Emily's birthday we went to Olive Garden and to the Aquarium.  It was a great time.  Lillie, Emma, and Nathan went with us and we had a great time eating and seeing the fish.  I will let the pictures show you just how much fun we had! We lost Nathan and Emma in South America so most of the pictures are of Lillie and us. I guess that is what happens when you wander away from the birthday girl.
Us before our 4D movie

The Group


I took this with my phone! Pretty good right?

This was also my phone's work

Emily on a rope bridge 30ft up.

Lillie and the Otters

Lillie and Emily called this little guy the Basilisk

I didn't know what to do with my hands

Can you see it?

Isn't she lovely!

Us in the Shark Tunnel

You can't tell but Lillie had just cracked her head on the
glass while standing and people were laughing.

Lillie's rope bridge experience

This is the ice cream cake we made from scratch


She has been asking for one since we have been married

We are finally caught up! Emily will probably post another blog to show you our New Year's fun. Have a great day.