Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Gosh my kids are the best! I love every second with them and I'm so lucky to be able to raise them. They've been so great even though it's been quite a rough week. Poor Amelia had thrush, a yeast infection, hives, and is getting two more teeth! She's been quite the trooper though and Lynnlee has been sure to comfort her. When we went to the doctor's on Wednesday for Amelia's hives I told Lynnlee that Amelia wasn't feeling well and Lynn reached over, touch Amelia's head and said "It's ok, Sweetheart." Melted my heart! She was also worried Amelia would get shots and told me to watch out. Her Amelia didn't need shots. Lynnlee was right, Amelia didn't need shots, she was allergic to the medicine for the thrush! BAH! Of course, they couldn't give her antibiotics because that would make the thrush worse! But, we got it all sorted out and right now we have no thrush, no hives, and the yeast infection is almost gone. Those teeth are still coming in so Lynn is sure to supply Amelia with things to chew on! We had a great weekend with Mitchell here and got quite a bit accomplished. I miss that guy when he goes to work! Can anyone say "eleven weeks?" Here are a few pictures from our adventures. We were sure to have some good times with the weather being so nice!

Her first tattoo! 

Playing with her Valentine's stickers from Nana!

She's a pro!

Thinking she's getting away with the puffs...

Hey, Mom! 

Our first day outside this year!


Piggy back ride!

Here are a few pictures from last week's festivities. We went to Teresa and Kenney's for the Superbowl and it was great fun. I watched an epic game of Monopoly where we all thought Kenney was going to lose, and yet, with the purchase of just one property, he won! It was a great experience.

She's adorable!

First pay check!

She was so sweet to Al!

Lynn is quite the baby...
Lovin' the celery 
Lynn's fish!

Mom and Amelia's fish!

I ran into the garage...

Sleep over!

This was the first try at a sleep over, they
failed miserably...

Lillie got her mission call on Friday and we were able to go down with Beth and watch her open it. She's been called to the Cuernavaca, Mexico mission. She will report on the 24th of June to the Mexico MTC. We are so proud of her decision to serve the Lord! We are so blessed to be able to attend such big events in our family's lives!