Thursday, May 7, 2015

Valentines... I am ashamed...

Once upon a time there was a woman, her name was Emily. She traversed the world of the unknown, student teaching, and slayed the giant (getting her bachelor's degree)! Sadly, along the way, things were lost - this blog for instance. But, alas! She has found it once and again and has regained the power (and time) to create more blogs! Sadly, those few months in which the power to blog was impossible for her to receive means that she must now catch up! The AGONY! Let us rewind to a time long ago, Valentine's Day 2015.

The day was a Saturday and on this fateful day, the young woman's older sister and three nieces were on their way to Emily's house. She awaited them with great rapture. But before they came a handsome man, Mitchell, met her overflowing with joy at seeing her and the two young children brought forth from his loins. He treated us to great Valentine's Day gifts, such as balloons and flowers.

They loved their dad's gifts. 

Courtney, Emily's sister, did not show up until late in the night with her three young girls. But as they slept they were graced by the presence of Valentine's Day fairies! Sprinkled along the table and floor were hearts and sweet messages in fortune cookies, ensuring them all that they had great worth! It was a fabulous event and the children were well pleased!

The note from the fairies and their gifts of chocolate. 
Happiness is spending time with cousins and waking up to

Happy Valentine's Day!

And so, it was a magical day full of the eating of sweets and snuggling with loved ones on the couch!

Seriously, I'm so grateful for my sister who willingly spent an entire month at my house to help me make it through my Student Teaching. It was a wonderful blessing to have her and to see our kids play together. I don't know if I could have made it without you, Courtney! Thank you so very much!