Monday, June 29, 2015

Lynnlee! You're three!

I've been having so much fun here in Tremonton! It's a fun little town and so great living near family and cousins and some aunts and uncles. That being said, we were able to have a very small party for Lynn on the 2nd of June. All she's been asking for on her birthday for a few months now is a pink bike. That's it. A. Pink. Bike. Well, Mitchell and I are quite accommodating and we got her just that. And a few other things... Like pink sunglasses, a helmet, a book... You get the picture.

Nana and Papaw also got her an amazing present that she loves! A little play house. She and Amelia play with it every day. Needless to say, she made out like a bandit.

Birthday breakfast... Umm... I made these...
Subway lunch with Dad! 

Lynn's pink cake.

Splash pad fun!

My birthday girls! 

Loving life! 

She loves to stand on the spouts! 

Celebrating with us! 

Getting ready for our presents and cake! 

Nana's present! 

Enjoying the play house! 
My pink bike!!

Looking stunning.

All decked out! 

Amelia thought she might need help!
Happy birthday tooooooo yOOOOOOooou! 
Lynnlee's first bike ride!

Happy Birthday, Amelia! Our Big One Year Old! / Easter!

It's happening again! My children are growing up! Mitch said it's impossible to make it stop. Ugh. Depressing. But, I couldn't ask for better girls! Lynnlee and I celebrated Amelia's birthday on her birthday together and Skyped Mitchell while we sang to her!
One of the girls favorite pastimes. 

Lynn helping make the cupcakes. 

Happy birthday to her! 

Quite delicious I might say.. 


On Saturday we had a nice get together for Amelia's party. We went to the park, played kickball, and ate some delightful sandwiches! Yes please! 

Birthday girl!


Ready for the cake.. 

One finger with chocolate at a
time. So cute. 

One of her favorite toys! 

Lynn's favorite too! 

Our walk to the park! 

We had a great time, especially with Kendra pushing ;)

The teddy cake made by April. She's amazing! 

The sandwich line.

Trying to blow out the candle. 

Here are some more pictures from our Easter celebration! We went to the Judy family party at Marinda's and Christian's and had so much fun hitting the pinata. Then we spent some time with our friends Adam, Sam, and John and decorated Easter eggs.
Happy birthday April babies! 

The wonderful treat! 

Lynn teaching Amelia how to collect candies. 



Amelia is great at sharing! 

Lynn's egg

So much fun with Dad! 

Our Easter treats! 

Amelia loved finding the eggs!

This is Lynn saying that she and Amelia could share the bubbles... 

All of our eggs. 

We loved Easter! 

A compilation of March, April, and a bit of May

As you know, from January to April I was student teaching at RMMS in Idaho Falls. I was very blessed during this time to have an amazing mentor teacher, Patti Horman, and a really great school. I miss the students there so much and think about them every day. As I worked my butt off trying to learn to be a better teacher, a good mother and wife, and a decent human being, my family came and helped me a lot. I had a visit from my sister, like you saw in the last post, and my dad came to help me as well. Mitchell came up on the weekends too and they were always eventful. It is incredible how at the time it seemed it would never end and now, I can't believe it's over. I sure miss it! (The teaching, not the being separated from my husband, sleeping alone in bed, dressing my children at 7 am, leaving them for 9 hours, etc. etc.) Here are some of our adventures over those few months!

Caroline loves her so much! 

We love frozen custard!

An ice cream run.

We spent some time at the falls with my dad on the weekend. I love the falls! It's so beautiful there! 

Amelia's first time in shoes! 

We love to see the temple! 

At the falls

Courtney and the girls with Grandpa Peaches

Carolina and her beautiful eyes!

We also took a trip to the two story slide! 

Amelia's favorite pastime. 

All the rock climbers.

Cousin walk! 

I love these girls!


At the Visitor's Center. 

We had so much fun seeing everyone and spending time with family! I'm so grateful we were blessed to have so much help during the semester. I also want to send a shout out to Merrill and April. Without them I'm not sure what I would have done with my girls! Also, I'm pretty sure I would have lost my sanity... Thank you all!