Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weeks in Ohio!

I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Ohio with our beautiful girls these past few weeks. Sadly, Mitchell had to stay and work while we went and had fun. He felt quite lonely but was able to get a lot done while we were away! I'll show you some pictures at the end of his handiwork.

We got to Ohio early, early on the 8th. We had so much fun! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to go see my family and for an amazing, understanding husband who helps me make it there!

The plane ride was a little rough on the girls but we survived! We left at 8 pm and had a layover in Denver and that's what really got us. They girls didn't have enough time to sleep on the plane and so they were grumpy! They eventually fell asleep on the second plane ride and fell asleep on the drive home. My dad picked us up at 4am, isn't he the sweetest!
Keeping Nala safe on the plane! 

Happy baby!

Sleeping, finally. 


We were able to be home for a few different things over the weeks. I had a pageant reunion and saw the girls I won with. We were able to catch up over lunch and meet other queens. Bean days was on the 18th too. We went to the parade and cheered Alex on. Sadly, we got soaked during the second half. Dad took me to the best all you can eat Chinese restaurant in Toledo with Kimmy, Shiloh, and Kimmy's boyfriend, Blake. We had an amazing first week that's for sure! Jualita also made us delicious carne and beans. She is amazing. I'm so sad I didn't get any pictures with her! 

Happy Rose, the best Chinese! And yes, that is my kid
wearing a green mustache! 

Meemaw time! 

Having fun! 

Alex after Youth Conference!
He loved it. Andy, was too
tired to appear in pictures. 


Pageant luncheon! We all won the same year!

Jualita's delicious tortillas! 

Deliciousness cookin! 

Yum, yum, yum!

Our girls know how to eat the goods! 

Play hard, sleep hard! 

Helping Mom play Guitar Hero! 

Seeing Aunt Kimmy! 
The Bean Day's parade was a ton of fun! Here are a few pictures from the fun. The girls really loved it especially when they got candy thrown at them!
Waiting for the parade! 

Can you even handle this?!

So proud of my little brother! Alex is a trumpet playing stud! 

My baby brother is no longer a baby!
He's taller than me! 

Our candy stash! It had to be
three pounds at least. 

Every year my Mom's Aunt Rose has a get-together at her house in Michigan and it fell on the second weekend we were in Ohio and we had a blast! There was a slip and slide and we got slurpees after! A good day!
Look at what her eyes are doing!

:) My Amelia Bedelia!

Cousin Aiden! We love our time together!

7 Eleven is where it's at!

 Dad took me fishing my last week and we had a blast! We caught a few and I hooked two in the eye! Ouch! We threw them back and I'm pretty sure they survived! I loved the time with my dad and I certainly miss fishing next to him! 
The first cat I caught. I don't
touch fish, I'm a sissy. 

It bent my hook! 

This is the life!

Dad's perch. 

A little blue gill! 

Lunch time! Bdubs with the sister!

My cute little sister at her job! 

Amazing root-beer floats! 
We went camping with my dad over the week too. The girls loved it and enjoyed spending time with Aunt Shi and Aunt Kimmy. Finally, we went to the hotel with Jose and the rest of gang and had a blast in the swimming pool. I'm so glad we have a big family! Here are some random pictures from our time too! 

Kimmy's boyfriend Blake

Eating my steak! 

Pure class. 

I LOVE that they are striking the
exact same pose! 

He is certainly my little brother! 

Here are a few more from our hotel adventure! That was magical! I love that we always have a thing we do with Jose and everyone, going to the hotel.
Piling on the bed!
Yay for elevators! 
Swimming with Uncle Moose
Hanging with Papi
Her arms are gone!
I punched the bottom of the pool! 
Pool party!
Amelia loved swimming back and forth to Sarah and Papi
Yogurt is her favorite! 

Yes, we are related...

Now for some random pictures! Are you having a major photo overhaul yet? 

Cookies from Becky! 

Meemaw and Papi time! 

Steak and Shake was fabulous! 

The glasses crew.

Dog pile on Mom! 

Sweet Weeb

Enjoying Grandma Linda time! 

Destroying stromboli! 

Papi loves brains...

Maxin' and relaxin'

Yay for trampolines! 

It was an amazing trip and I loved every second of it! We also went to the Toledo Zoo, another blog soon!