Sunday, August 30, 2015

Our First Tremonton Fair

Wow! I was not ready for how popular this fair was. It was packed! We live right by the fair grounds so we had a busy road all week. We went to the fair every day to help Kenney, Tommy, Teresa, and Kendra. Lynnlee and Amelia also loved spending time outside and seeing new people! It all started on Wednesday with the Tremonton parade. It was incredibly long, about an hour and a half. We saw Tommy in the parade with the Hope Squad and had a great time.

Too cute not to share! Amelia loves
her baby! 

Lynnlee may be a beautician when
she gets older. She has a knack for it :) 

Her customer is always very happy!

Sisterly love on the way to the parade!
Waiting for the fun to begin. Thank you Emma for letting us meet at your house! 

The nice people handed out free creamies. Lynn was in heaven!

This really did happen. 

Amelia was very good at picking up and finding candy. 

Candy? Yes, please!

Grayson, lording over all his pupils. Haha. 

Lynn's favorite float

All tired after a busy day. 

At the booth. 

Lynnlee's first purchase. She loves

Amelia loved saying "BAH" while we watched
Kendy show her lamb. 

Waiting patiently for Aunt Kendra's turn.

So proud of Kendra. She kept her sheep
calm and got it where it needed to be the
whole time! Way to go!

Lynnlee begged me to take this picture.

Mitchell found a baby cow. The girls
were loving it. 

Looking at the long horn.

By far my favorite animal at the fair!

The clown made my sweet girl a hat.
She's a little devastated that it has popped. 

Mitch absolutely loves going to the knife booth to get people to buy crazy knives from the stand. Most of the time he is capable of selling something! He's so funny. It was a really fun and extremely busy week! I was also able to experience the joy of a deep fried snickers. Seriously, it was so good and so bad at the same time. Lynnlee was also a very good helper. She wanted to earn a dollar from Nana so she cleaned up all the garbage in the booth, twice. She bought a ring and A ball on a string that you throw and it comes back to you.
Oh, here's a video of Lynn shaking it at the parade with the other young dancers in the parade. She saw me while I was filming... Darn it.

Have a happy Sabbath!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Trip to the Dentist and More Fun!

Lynn and I have been doing preschool at home for some time now and I've finally gotten around to showing you some of her handy work. We've only learned about 12 letters but we are getting there. She loves to make things and at the beginning of school she asks, "Mom, what are we making today?" Every time. I love how much she likes it. Some days are harder than others but I've found that if I let her pick the letter of the week she likes it more. Also, I have my degree in secondary so if you have any suggestions about in home preschool shoot them my way! Here are a few of her master pieces!
Lynnlee wrote her name. I helped with the "y" and the second "n."
Taking a deep breath! Ha! 

Her pirate. She needed to color the
googly eyes! 

She held her breath as she tried to put the
yarn through a small hole for her

Making her orange covered "O"!

Sister time is a magical time too!
This is Amelia's goose egg. She smacked
her head into the stool when she fell.
Poor baby...

We've been playing outside a lot recently as well as spending time at the fair with Nana and Papaw. Lynnlee can't get enough of her bike and Amelia uses whatever she can get to be her bike! We also love to go to the splash pad and the library! 
Seeing the animals at the fair. 

Rooting for "Wee Wee" as she
road her pony.

Lynnlee loved that she got to ride
a pony. 

Trying the goods at the fair. 

Sisterly love. 

Bicycle Mamma!

This will do. 

When Lynnlee gets stuck Amelia gives her a little push! Lynn
calls her name and Amelia comes running. Now that is dedication! 
Splash pad fun! 
 This past week Lynnlee went to her first dentist appointment and she loved it! She was chatting everyone up and asking a LOT of questions. The hygienists loved her. She was able to pick her own toothpaste and what type of brush they would use on her teeth. She also got to help while they cleaned my teeth. In the end she got fancy flossers, a Cinderella toothbrush, more floss, and toothpaste. She was so excited. Mitchell also enjoyed time with the girls by making them water balloon animals. They played with them for some time. Amelia gave her puppy a lot of kisses until its untimely demise. Lynn had to get rid of her mouse which was also a sad affair. Lane and Mal stopped for a visit too. It was so nice to see them again. Lynnlee forgot Lane name for a minute but when Mal asked what her dog's name was, she was on point! "Judge!"
Getting her prize for being a good patient.

Her new princess toothbrush! 

Water animals!

Kissing her baby mouse.

It was so cute how much they loved these things. 

Definitely something we will do again. 

Oh no! It popped on her and she got all wet.

Mitch's parrot. 

We all saw this coming... :)

Time to go inside so she popped it herself. Tears were shed. 

Then it got her wet... Haha. 
We love Aunt Mal and Uncle Lane!
We also got to enjoy and HR BBQ at Jared's (Mitch's boss) house in Brigham. I got to see grown men and women play Just Dance while dancing to Ghost Busters. They performed the dance in a lip sync battle in Logan. Hilarious. Mitch got to be the ghost and had a lot of fun with it. If you want to see the video click HERE. :)
Ghost Busters! 

 Saturday we spent some time at the auction in Logan and had a great time. Mitchell especially loved that his parents bought a ceiling fan and chicken chalet :). He'd never made either of those so we were sure to go help! He got to use his drill to put things together. Best. Day. Ever. We also swung by Ty and Chy's to see their new fish tank and enjoy some cousin fun.

Lynn loving the auction.

Our little cheese.

Auction time! 

The next Bach and Beethoven ;)


As you can see, we've been busy and loving it! Another great week for the books! Have a lovely Sabbath everyone! We love you!