Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Season Finale!

Wow! This summer has been the most chaotic, crazy thing I think I've ever experienced. Our final trip was last weekend when we had Souza Palooza. We had a sort of Souza family reunion in Portland, Oregon. A few sibling didn't make it (Tara, Shi, and Kim) and one grandchild but we did get a few of us together with Dad. It was a whirlwind of a weekend but still a good time.

Mitch and I were able to get a rental car with CRUISE CONTROL! It was amazing. We got a 2013 Dodge Charger and it was a super fun drive. We left Thursday after Mitch got off work and drove to Courtney's house a few hours from Portland.
The ride!

It was full double rainbow! You could see every color. 

My sleepy girl. 

Enjoying her games. 

We left to meet Dad at the airport at 10 then went to lunch at IHOP! Yum! Afterwards we got to go to the falls and they were magnificent. It was beautiful. Chris, Mitch, and I made the terrible choice to hike up to the top with 5 small children. Needless to say, we didn't make it.
The Multnomah Falls!

Beautiful landscape

That face though!

Every time!

Enjoying a break from our climb.

It was huge!

A little closer!
We are ready!

So beautiful. 

Sweet cheeks times 2!

Best friends!

Ah! Can you handle this?

This girl! 

I feel like this is the first picture where I could tell that we
are related. 


Love our little family.

Caroline's shoe fell overboard. We were trying to find it. 

The bridge. 

Another part of the falls. 

She was very brave on the edge. 

The rapids in the stream look so cool. 

We are on the bridge looking down. 

We went back to the hotel where Mitch and I watched the girls as Courtney and Chris went to get Adam from the airport. We spent our time swimming in the coldest "heated" pool I've ever experienced.

Ready for a swim. 

Dinner was delicious!
She's got her hot chocolate, she's ready for the day!

Saturday was the Saturday Market in Portland which was enormous, blocks big. It was right on the water front and very green! Everything there is green and gorgeous. They had a lot of interesting things but even more interesting people. We had fun experiencing a new culture. While we went to the market Chris and Adam went to their race. They did a great job and had fun on their run.
One-eyed Pops!

The mast from an old Navy boat. 

The walking begins!

Soaking up the rays!
Is that a tunnel?!
Yes it is! Lynn loved it!
Walkin' down the street.

They did it! 
Saturday night we had our Meat-a-palooza. My dad is an excellent griller and he willingly works up a sweat working to make us delicious food. He made ribs, steaks, burgers, brats. We put together a salad, had potato salad, fruits, chips, so muCH FOOD! Sadly, I don't have a picture of the feast but I do have a picture of us all together! Also, a shout out to Kim and James for letting us use their beautiful home. 
The gangs all here!

Uncle Adam was the coolest! 

I mean, he let the girl tie him up
after he just ran many miles! 

It was a great trip and I'm grateful we made it! Hopefully it's something we can continue to do as the years go on! We are hoping to get everyone next time!

The Souza clan!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Viva Las Vegas!

We had the amazing opportunity to celebrate Kenney's 50th birthday in Las Vegas. Kenney and Teresa willingly got two rooms at the Wyndum resort by the strip for all of the family to stay. When I say rooms what I mean is a mini condo. It could be an apartment in Rexburg. They were lovely and so much fun. They had full kitchen, a master bedroom with a bath, a washer and dryer, the works! Needless to say, Kenney and Teresa are very generous! We took off Friday morning in a big caravan. Beth and Derek, Ty and Chy, Emma and Nathan. We also had Tommy and Kendra amongst us. We stopped for lunch at a park in Ceder City, Utah. It was a beautiful day! 

Lynnlee's way of playing on the iPad
without the sun getting in here way! 

Sleepy Amelia.

The boys race to the top. They were
quite funny. 

Nolan and his bear crawl.

Enjoying the kitchen at the park.

On our way! 

So close to the hotel! Flamingo road! Yes!
Checkin was busy! I had never had that experience before so it was interesting. Kendra and I got stuck in the elevator because we didn't know we needed a room key in order to get off on a floor. It was stressful but we made it back down to the lobby eventually. Haha. 
Checking in to the beautiful resort. 

This was before we knew we were stuck. 

Friday night all the boys and I went to the strip to see all the lights! It was interesting to say the least. We were able to see the water show at the Belagio and that was a ton of fun. 

Caesar's Palace
Too neat!

The lights and buildings were

Saturday was the HUGE Flea Market, the whole reason we were there. Kenney really wanted to go so we were up and at 'em by 7 am. I don't think I've ever been to a flea market as big as this was. I was almost over whelmed by its size. There were a lot of hats, shoes, and dresses. My focus, as well as everyone else's was to find Texas paraphernalia to give Kenney for his birthday. Tommy and I went in to get Kenney a set of Texas PJs. It was a good time. Afterwards we went to Cici's for lunch.
The gangs all here! 

Oh yeah, we all wore Texas to support Kenney's love. 

Waiting for Ty and Chy. 

Oh, this happened. Bahaha! 

The joys of the Flea market!

Spoils from the Cici's pizza place. 
Kenney and Teresa kindly watched all of our children while the adults went to see the casinos. It was interesting and I learn you are allowed to smoke in a casino. Had no idea.
Mitch ready to try his luck. 

Wait, there are a ton of matches,
how did I lose? 

Beth, maxin' and relaxin'!

On our way. 

Happy birthday, Papaw! 
We left Sunday but before we did we wanted to stop by M&M World and Hershey's World. The girls had a blast and so did we!
Getting to the stores!


Yes, please!

When she saw this she said,
"Mom! Look! It's big chocolate milk!"


New York, New York!

The many colors of M&M.

The jelly bean Statue of Liberty.

Just thought I'd end with a little cuteness. This sweet boy ready
for a swim!

We had a fabulous weekend and are so grateful for our Swamily activities and meetings.