Sunday, October 25, 2015

Comin' up Hattie!

I had the amazing opportunity to go up and help my sister, Courtney, with her baby this past weekend. She text me on Wednesday that her midwife said she was in labor and would have her baby within the next 48 hours. Yay! I was psyched! I packed that second and was off. When I called her she told me to wait until Thursday morning. So, I headed back home to wait anxiously! Friday Lynnlee, Amelia, and I went for a long drive. We finally got there around three pm and still, no baby. We waited and cleaned and cooked and played and took a lot of pictures! Amelia and Lynnlee loved seeing their cousins. Amelia and Caroline were little frenemies the whole time but when they were being sweet to one another it was too cute! Here are some pictures of us having fun waiting! We went to the Primary Program practice and right after that was a fun Halloween party! The girls also got to go to a fairy party with Courtney's boss' daughter. They greatly enjoyed their time!

On the way we stopped at The Middle of Nowhere. They had
animals to feed. Lynn loved it! 

She got to pet the donkey!


Amelia's face when we
got close to the animals.

Snuggling Uncle FoFo. 

Waiting for the primary program practice to
be over. 


The Halloween party! 

Picking a prize. 

Playing the ring toss. 

A vampire! 

Rockin' her mask. 


They loved it. 

Ready for the party!

Sad faces...

A group of vamps. 

Later Saturday night Courtney's midwife came over and said let's do this thing! We were all very supportive.
Helping fill up the tub. 

Applying counter pressure and giving
mom hand massages. 

Beautiful baby! 

She was wide awake! 

She loves her baby! 

Snuggling her newest cousin. 

Loralie was the baby whisperer.

Did the girls hair Sunday morning!

Love these girls!

Loving cousins. 

Hangin' in the crib. 

Bath time. Not loving it at first. 

Ahhh! That's nice.

Peyton was a huge fan. 



Caroline's baby. 

Peyton's face! She said Hattie is too cute! I can't handle it! 

Daddy's turn!

Sweet girl!

Love these two 

She couldn't get enough. 

Her sweet tattoo. 


Snuggle time

Beating up Chris

We had a baby shoot before we left on Wednesday. So here is your fill of Hattie!
First tummy time. 

The little pumpkin head. 

Lovin' it. 

First time in the car seat. 

Baby toes!

Here are a few videos for you all! Enjoy! Sorry the one with Lynn singing is side ways.