Sunday, November 29, 2015

Birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Tree time!

This week was a busy one! We had two birthdays, Kendra's and Teresa's, Harry Potter day, Thanksgiving, tree decorating, snowball fights, Ohio State vs. Michigan game. We have had a party every day this week! Kendra's birthday was last Sunday so she kicked off the week. She made us pancakes for dinner and other breakfast goodies. She also had a cookie "cake" that spelled out her name and birthday message. Teresa is awesome!


Her soft blanky! I got to use it during
Harry Potter day so I guarantee it
was certainly soft!

Cookie Cake!

There are a lot of candles so it takes
one BIG breath!
Yes, she will!

Will she make it?

Monday was semi laid back and Tuesday I had the opportunity to go on a date with my fabulous husband! I love that man. Thank you Kenney and Teresa for watching the girls! Wednesday was the best! We watched all eight Harry Potter movies! Well, I watch half of two to part one of seven (I finished at home)! Four in the morning is a terrible time to drive in the cold :) But we had a great time and the girls enjoyed their Princess Sophia and all of Nana's toys. Thanksgiving was also at Kenney and Teresa's. Mitch made an apple pie and we headed over for the food extravaganza. Teresa made so many pies and tons of other food and Emma made the mashed potatoes with Nathan. I love getting together! It is difficult around the holidays because I miss my mom and dad, Jose and all of my family. I think about them all the time! I'm just glad that we are able to live by Mitch's family and spend time with them.
Mitch's first apple pie!

My turkey girl!


Love these people.

Thank you, Kendra for make Koolaid :)
Nathan! We have so much food to eat! No eating your child!

Teresa, it had to happen sometime. You get so many funny pictures of me...
I'm so grateful that I have such wonderful in-laws!

This is as good as it gets when we all just took a nap :)
Happy Thanksgiving!

She wanted to play in the snow!

Snuggling Uncle Tom on Potter day!

Love these goobs!

Gobble, Gobble!

A little Black Friday, Grey Thursday shopping.

Teresa's birthday was on Friday so we got some fun Aunt Kendra and Uncle Tommy time. Uncle Tommy bought fake snowballs so we had a snow ball fight inside. Lynnlee and Amelia thought it was the best day ever! Friday was also the day of the tree! I love, love, love putting the tree up with all the decorations. Saturday we lounged around and watched Ohio State beat Michigan's butt. It was fabulous ;)

Happy birthday, Nana!

Lynn hit her Uncle Tom and it was da best!

Amelia - "FIRE!"

Yay for a magnetic Nativity!

Watch how it grows!

She kept sneaking down to see the tree. 

I love this tree so much!

Notice the girl under the tree... Weirdo :)

Lynnlee made sure there were plenty on the bottom.

It was such a fun week! I'm so glad I have such an amazing little family and we were able to spend so many days with Mitchell! Here are a few extra pictures. Happy Sabbath!

Lynn kept pushing her away so Amelia solved her

That hair, though.

Always putting on someone else's shoes...

I just love this picture.