Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Bounce House!

Chyanne Swallow is amazing and found us a wonderful place to take our children! It's a bounce house in Logan and it was only ten bucks for us to get in. It was magical! The girls had so much fun and didn't really want to leave. Lynnlee ran from bounce to bounce and Amelia stuck to the big slide. Chy, Ty, Nolan, Grayson, and Kendra all came together and they had a ton of fun. I don't know why but I didn't get one picture of Grayson. Probably because he was going NON STOP! Dang cute.
Welcome to the Bounce!

Where are the babies?

One happy Amelia!

Helping her sister!

Come on, Nollie!

She can do it on her own!

We ready!

Best thing ever! 

Go Nollie!

This face!

Of course she played in the play house.

Throw your hands in the air!


Dad having a great time!

She had so much fun.


So dang brave. 

I can do it by myself!

Penguin slide!

Aunt Kendy is the BOMB!
Playing with a new friend.

She was awesome with the kids!

Falling asleep on the way home. She was so, so sleepy. 

I absolutely ADORE staying home with my kids. They are so much fun and I couldn't ask for much more. Here are some of our adventures this week.

"Look, it's a lizard!"

"Wait, I need a picture too!"

Sleepy baby cuddles!

Too sweet!

Lynn loves to do my hair. 
She does her own now too! Ugh. She's
so dang big!

Two headed monster ;)

Love these people!

My amazing husband knew I was a little stressed and took the girls out
and cleaned the tub for me! He is the nicest. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Beginning of a New Year

I've been putting off doing the blog because I've been a bit of a whiner. Church is now in the afternoon instead of the morning and it's been hard to adjust than I had anticipated. The girls are great I just don't have their nap time to do the blog. So, instead I have to find when I can do it now. I've finally just made myself start it!

At the very beginning of the year we went to Teresa's and Kenney's to celebrate the first. We were also able to celebrate our nephew Wade. It was his first birthday at the end of December. He is so dang adorable and quite sweet. We were able to play games too. It was a fabulous get together.
Lynn and Amelia got Hungry Hippos for Christmas. 

Look at the adorable Grayson smile!

Tenzi machines!

We went and played dodge ball on New Year's day. So fun!

A little family fun.

Wader getting ready for
his birthday cake!

Happy birthday, Wade!
A cute thumb-sucker!

Nana got Lynnlee a preschool box and in it she included play-doh and Play-doh stamps. It is one of Lynnlee's favorite gifts. She plays with it for an hour a day when I let her! We've been having tons of fun with all of our Christmas goodies! We've also been shoveling a lot lately with all the snow we've been getting. Lynn is convinced that she is a great shoveler and helped Amelia learn how too.

Her horse! 

She's so proud of her drawings. 

Coloring all the time!

Shoveling the parking lot. 

Amelia, we have to dump it!

Hot chocolate after hardwork. 


Silly faces!

Scary faces. 

Lynn trying to teach Amelia. 

Love this kid! This is one of their
play dresses. 

Lynnlee did her own hair. 

Lookin' good!

Kenney and Teresa's sheep had babies this week! The girls wanted to go check them out! They were cute but the girls were a little scared. The mama sheep tried to headbutt Amelia but Papaw saved her. She did pet the baby afterwards! Take that, mom sheep. Haha.

"Aw! So cute!"

Chasing the baby around. 

Little baby!

They are pretty adorable. 

Lynn's face...
I had the great fortune to find Scamper the Penguin at the library yesterday and the girls and I watched it this morning. Here are some of Lynnlee's emotions. She did laugh out loud a few times but I was too slow to get that on camera. 
Smiling at Scamper meeting Snowflake

When Scamper fell in the water. 

Scamper and Snowflake almost
getting eaten by a seal. 

When the killer whale jumped out of the water. 

Hiding from said Killer whale. 

Laughing while the three baby
penguins rode the blue whale home. 

Almost in tears when the bad guys
were dragging all the babies away. 

She is seriously the cutest movie watcher I know! I'm so grateful for the life I lead!