Monday, February 22, 2016

My, my, we are in trouble.

Well, we have certainly had a busy few weeks. This past week both girls have been sick with RSV so we've been snuggling a lot! I'm certainly not complaining! It was a bit stressful because they were both pretty pitiful. We are almost over it now though. Hopefully Mitch and I will stay healthy and ward off the germs!
You can tell Amelia is miserable. 

She tried to take it off so we became
super heroes. Super Lynn, Super Mom,
and Super Soup - Amelia insisted.

Lynnlee has kept herself busy by drawing on the fridge.
Mom and Dad have to hold hands. 

My little trooper making it through breathing

Poor girl has been exhausted. 

Mitch is amazing. We stayed home
all weekend to keep the germs contained.
He set up the tent and air mattress so we
could lounge! Best man I know. 
Before we got the creeping crud we had a load of fun. Mitchell surprised us by taking last Friday off and we went out to Draper for the aquarium, the outlet malls, and to see Miles and his wife, Danika. The girls loved every minute of it and so did I! I love spending time with my little family. We were busy, busy! Amelia loved see the penguins, it was hard to make her leave. Lynnlee was startled by a huge eel and it was adorable. They also had a fabulous time on the bridge.

Me and my girls!

She did it. You can't tell but that's a look of terror
on my face. 

Giddy up!

Mom! Dory! Although, she called it Dora...

The girls loved the colorful fish. 

Mitch's sweet shot. 

Penguin buddy

She pushed her face right up to the glass.

Mitch was showing them gross toads

The eel that scared the pants off of Lynn.

They were posing for a picture until Amelia said "Shark!"

Last time we were here the sea turtle
was tucked away. He looked so cool.

Amelia loved the tunnel. 

My favorite fish! I call him Bucky.

So colorful.

Lynn's favorite frog. 

She made it! And loved it!

Shopping spree!
This is the bathroom at the outdoor mall! Amazing!
Last Saturday for Valentine's day Teresa and Kenney watched the girls while Mitch and I went out to eat at Olive Garden. I love that place and ALWAYS order way too much food. Mitch and I did get a dessert and it was magical! After that we decided to go looking for cars and see what's out there. We ended up buying a new car. We knew we were going to but didn't plan on it until next month. I'm excited we got it! It's a Toyota Highlander and it has a third row! Perfect for hauling extra kids to Activity Days! It's a beautiful blue!
Crazy "we just bought a car" eyes! 

I love it. 

Valentine's day is one of my favorites because Courtney made the Valentine's fairies that frequent our house every year. It was fabulous. We also made Grayson his own special cupcake for our Swallow dinner. It was a fantastic Valentine's weekend!
The chocolaty goodness and heart notes. 

A trail of kisses :)

Oh my goodness!

Loving the balloon. She and Lynn
kept hitting it with their mirrors.

All the candy! Quick shove it in your mouth before mom takes it!

This girl was so happy!

Happy indeed!

The girls loved it. 

Hearts, pink, and chocolate chips.
What could be better?


Frosting lover!
Have a happy day! We love you all!

Friday, February 5, 2016

A Hodge Podge

We have a beautiful start to the year. We've been seeing more of Aunt Chy, Grayson, and Nolan. Chyanne watches my kids occasionally and I watch hers. It's been wonderful. I think the girls really like getting to play with kids their own age. Also, thanks to Chyanne and Tyler the girls have borrowed snow pants. They love them and wear them around the house. They especially love sliding down the stairs with them.
Grayson joins the party. 

Playing Hungry Hippos while Grayson

Throwing the ball down the stairs
is Nolan's favorite game at our house. 

Snow pants!
Hunter letting us use his sled. He's holding it for Amelia.
She falls a lot! I have to help her up frequently.
Ready, set, go!

My little princesses!

Mitchell is seriously the best husband and dad. He always thinks of fun and cool ideas with the girls. Some times I come up with good ones too. Here are a few.
Heart apples because, why not?

I see you!

All the juice!

Some preschool.

She really is a little princess.

Cleaning the closet and finding these gems. I love Amelia in a hat.

Mitchell let the girls ride the car.
Amelia, not a fan. Lynnlee on the
other hand, huge fan!

Oh, just pretending to be Moses and get the

Lynnlee likes to make Mrs. Claus.
He needs to have a wedding. 

Mitch was excited to see the baby sheep. We went over the day
they were born and the girls liked them but not as much as Mitchell. 

One day Amelia was so tired she fell asleep in the car and would NOT wake up. Here are pictures that resulted. 
Dead to the world! What's tickling?

Tickle, tickle!