Monday, March 28, 2016

A Catch Up!

One of Mitch's coworkers, Anna, came over last Wednesday to cut the girl's hair. It was Amelia's first hair cut and she no longer looks like she has a mullet so I am incredibly grateful! Lynnlee go some bangs too! 
Pretty lady!

Bye, bye hair!


Watching Octonauts as she gets her
hair cut. 

Pretty lady!

We also went to a little fiesta last week. I didn't get a picture of all the kids together but here are a few from Jonathan's third birthday. We found a foal that was only two weeks old in the building attached to the party and it was so fun watching her frolick! 
Yay for party favors!

Wearing pretty glasses. 

Dang delicious!

Pretty pony!

Sad, sad Lynnlee. 

Uh oh. 

Delicious Tres Leches cake!

Beth also stopped by last week. It was great seeing her and her cutie boys! 
Aunt Beth!

Love these little girls!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Yay for warmer weather!

This week and the past weekend was a blast. We've been a bit busy but so worth it. Last weekend Ty and Chy invited everyone over for a little bonfire at their house. It was magical! They have a fenced in yard with a little playground and tons of fun places to explore for the kiddos. One day I want a yard! It was so much fun. Before the bonfire we went to see KungFu Panda 3 for Amelia's first movie. She was free so it wasn't a huge deal. The theater was empty except for Tommy, Kendra, Lynn, Amelia, Mitch, and me so the fact that all she did was run around was perfectly fine. She did watch some of it though. Lynn loved it. 

Happy campers.

Loving life. 

Chy stoking the fire.


As always Nathan was the fun Uncle and pushed the kids for the
better part of an hour. He's awesome and Lynn was so grateful. 

The men did the manly stuff. Tyler chopped some too. I just
didn't have my phone then. 


Let's go to the movies!
This is the fire we missed this week due to illness. Tommy
brought a date!
On Tuesday Amelia woke up with gunk in her eyes and I thought it was pink eye but her eyes weren't red. I'm pretty sure it was allergies or something like that because she's better now. ON top of that Lynnlee woke up on Thursday night and threw up everywhere. Poor baby. She threw up yesterday to but seems right as rain today and capable of eating an elephant I'm pretty sure. Before the fountain we got to go play softball with some people from work. It was a ton of fun and great to be outside.
Just the start. 

Watery and full of gunk. 

Softball party!
On Monday we went to McDonald's to play with Aunt Kendra at the play place. It was so fun. The girls could play on that thing all day if I let them.

Trapped like rats!

Climbing fiends.

Take a picture of me!!

Ready for the slide!

Here are a few more adventures from this week.
She went pee on the potty! 

Fancy cup? Don't mind if we do. 


Enjoying their delicious cake and ice

One of my Activity Day girls made my dreams come
true and stopped to sell me girl scout cookies.
I've never been so excited!

Spending time with little sickies. She always
ask to get a picture now. 

Lynnlee was playing in the car
and trapped her self in Amelia's
car seat. She was not pleased. I
thought it was hysterical. 

"MOM! Take a picture, cheese!"

"Mom, I drew a picture of a sad dinosaur. Someone took his blanket."
She signs her artwork now. :) 

The girls made me beautiful. Amelia felt that I needed
stickers on my face too. 

The train at the babysitters. The girls love going there
and seeing their friends.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Disney on Ice and Beautiful Weather!

It has be absolutely lovely outside lately and we've been playing outside a lot. We walked to the library and found new puppies, played with chalk, and met new friends who also have a small dog. The girls love being outside and so do I! When we take a break we usually make tents or bracelets. Tents are Lynn's new obsession.
The tent
Maxing and relaxing.

Let's make bracelets!


Love these girl

Shades for days!
New baby goats at Nana and Papa's


So small.

Come baaaaack

Can you believe they are so little?

Lynn wasn't as impressed. 

More babies.

Enjoying the sun.
Amelia found a puppy.

Nolan and Grayson have been visiting too. Cousin time is always a happy time. They all like to pretend to take naps. Amelia kept snoring... dang funny.

Grayson don't share no pillow
with nobahdy!

Sad Amelia needing a blanket

"Honk- sheeeeooo!"

Cousin love

Look how adorable Nolan is! Can't even...

Lane and Mal stopped by which was nice. When they come down I miss Rexburg but only for a minute because then I remember how windy and miserably cold it is there.

Thanks to an amazing Aunt and Uncle we were able to take the girls, Tommy, and Kendra to Disney on Ice Frozen. I told Lynnlee we had a surprise for her and then off we went. She didn't know what it was until we got there but she was so happy! Amelia even loved it. When she found out what it was she said, "Where's Olaf?!" At the beginning they had quite a few Disney Princesses come out. Amelia yelled "SNOW WHITE!" when she came out and Lynnlee was ecstatic to see Cinderella and her prince. It was a wonderful time and I'm glad we went. Amelia sand Let it Go too. She's so goofy.
In and Out before the show

We are ready!

Pure joy. 

When the princesses came out. 

Stealing popcorn but not wanting to miss the action.

So fun!

This was awesome. He grew and
chased them around.

Snuggling Uncle Tom

This was at the end but seeing all of the princesses was
probably Lynnlee's favorite part. 

Tommy actually had fun, don't let that face fool you. 

Emma asked me if I'd be her guinea pig while she's learning to do nails. I'd never had them done before. I said yes and she did a pretty good job! I got some spring-y colors! Lynnlee and Amelia got their nails painted too. Aunt Emma had so many colors!
All the gear

Amelia's turn.

BAM! Thanks Emma.

Finally a few fun pictures. I'm sorry I'm behind and that there are so many! Have fun!
Still loving Mirakuru.

Planning ways to take over the world.

She loves to read books before she
goes to bed.  I love it.

All the things!