Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Amelia Girl's Second Birthday

Amelia turned two last week! She is very independent and so sassy! I can't believe how much she's come into her own in the last six months. Her birthday started with a shopping trip to Lehi with Aunt Emma and Sammy. We were able to go buy a lot of clothes and eat come Chick-fil-A, Amelia's favorite place because they have a play place.

She's getting pretty good at the
number two!
This pretty lady spent the day with us. She's amazing!

Birthday girl shirt.

Lynn was sad that she wasn't getting
any picture lovin'.

Try on all the hats!

Big enough to hold Sammy!

Share the love!

He's wiggly!


That evening we went to The Bounce and Slide in Logan. A great place for young kids like ours! Amelia loved every second!
Her favorite one, the slide

Aunt Kendy keeping things fun.

Amelia was ready for some PIZZA!

Lynn's "Why do I have to eat when I could be playing" face.

Grayson had a ton of fun too!

Dang adorable!

Aunt Beth and Wader.

Seriously, Sammy is such a cutie!

Riding the horse...

Jace and Amelia's bum. She just fell over the side, 

Look how happy this kid is!

And this kid!

Oh, brother...

The flipping machine.


A great birthday!

 Because we didn't want to rent a place at the bounce and slide we had cake and ice cream on Sunday at Swallow Dinner. Amelia was so funny with her presents. Thank you, Emma for making the cupcakes and making delicious frosting! She made every cupcake different and even had "Mia" on some of them.
Thanks, Emma!

This was adorable! Aunt Beth got her
a purse with candy in it. When she saw
the candy she went "Whaaaat?!"

Showing off her bracelets. 

Surprising her with a fishing pole from Nana and Papaw!

I just love that my kids are getting older. It's sad but it makes me so happy seeing them become their own little people! I'm so grateful to have Amelia in our little family. She's so fun loving and such a happy baby!  

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Spring Has Certainly Arrived!

We have been loving the spring time, well, when it's warm. We've been out and about. Kendra and Tommy came to play during spring break, we go to story hour, and we enjoy the library park immensely! So many things! Here are a few.
Amelia perusing through story time.

Dancing, yeah!

Story hour craft, super worm!

The finished products. They were soon eaten. 


A new little park we found.

Catch me!

Library park with Aunt Kendy. Underdog.

Uncle Tom

Lynn could swing forever and Amelia could slide for days!

Aunt rides! Get them while you fit!

A little break from all the fun. 

This kid loves ketchup and ranch.


A flower from a neighbor! Happy

Hey, two flowers!

The perfect spinning tree. 

The girls spun around this for a
good five minutes. 

Always stopping to smell the flowers.

The Tremonton library has such lovely flowers! 
Amelia looking good. 
Pinterest win!

Another Pinterest win! This was by far the best banana bread!
We've been really busy and so far the weather has cooperated! Love it when it's warm! Hopefully I'll have an Easter and Amelia birthday blog up soon!