Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sarah and Devin, part two! Washington!

On Friday we had a lovely time with Courtney, Chris, and the girls. We went to Country Merchantile, went for a walk, had a bbq and a ton more fun! They kept us busy and it was amazing!

Country Merchantile! Best place in town!

We found these beautiful flowers on our walk around Courtney's neighborhood. 

The girls had so much fun together!

The chicken sandwiches were divine!


Lynn made her own s'mores. She's so big!

A crazy game of dodgeball!

Action shot! 

Yay for walks!


Love this picture of Courtney and Hattie!

Our fun picture taking!

On Saturday we were able to go to the river and play on paddle boards and jet skis! The weather was beautiful so it made the brisk water feel perfect! I thought I was going to kill Courtney while I drove but we survived and it was a blast! 

Picnic at the park. 

Sue and Hattie. 

Devin and HatHat.

Silly faces. Juj nailed it!

Cousin love. 

Paddle boarding. 

Didn't fall once! Victory! 

Devin may have been stuck under the bridge and I may have laughed.
He was a good sport though and kept on going! 

The kids dragged him everywhere. 

Mitch taking Lynn on the jetski! 

Amelia was too scared to actually ride it but she sat on it! 


Pops and Court!

Chris and Courtney!

Juj going no hands! 

They loved it! 

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Getting some air!


Love this Lina girl. 


This little goof melts my heart!

Matchy, matchy! 
Thank you, thank you, Courtney and Chris for having us over and treating us so well! We miss you a ton!