Sunday, June 19, 2016

A New Week.

We have had a lovely week full of fun and sun! We went with Uncle Tom and Aunt Kendra to the Brigham pool on Monday. The girls loved it! They went down the slide about two dozen times and down the kids slide another dozen. It was so much fun and I'm glad Tommy thought of it!

Being seals!
The two seconds they stayed still. :) 

Get Aunt Kendy!

Leaping out of the water!

A lovely time! 
We also found out that the school around here does free lunches on the week days. The girls and I went and had a great time. A lot of nostalgia this week, school lunches and my favorite ice cream as a kid! Mitch bought it for me!

I miss school lunches! 
Superman ice cream. I miss Jenney's!
The ice cream truck rolled by our house this week and we played at the splash pad with Emma and Kendy.
Looking at what she wants. 

Push ups are a great choice!

Picnic at the park. 

This is her trying to get dry.
This kid cracks me up. 

Our new bedroom set arrived at our house this week and I feel like an adult! Mitch got a shed too. It's been a fun time! 

Lynnlee helped me move things to
get ready for our bed. She's so strong.

After five hours we've finished!

On Saturday we went to the summer fest in Logan! It was a very fun time and we enjoyed delicious food!

This was divine! 
Lynn was such a goof! 

Free hats!

Ribbon fries were mediocre but they looked good. 

Finally, a few random pictures. 
Mitch found a baby mantis!

Matching! See you later alligator!
I'm so proud of Mitchell and all his hard work! He got his
new cards this week!

Happy Sabbath!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Being Sick and Other Fun Things

A week of hand foot mouth equals one long darn week! On SUnday the girls had high fevers. Lynnlee's was higher than Amelia's. Then Monday Amelia's was 103. I figured it was just a bug and would be done. Nope, I was wrong. It was hand-foot-mouth which is an incredibly annoying and highly contagious virus. SO, we missed the Judy reunion and all the fun of Hunger Games. Lynnlee had one day of fever and Amelia had spot everywhere. It was such a pitiful and sad sight. I snuggled that kid for two days straight. The back of Amelia's throat was covered in bumps! Poor kiddos. But, we did get to have some fun. We made delicious puppy chow and went shopping and to Dickey's when their fever was gone and they had no more spots. We're sorry we missed you Idaho!

Snuggly sicky. 

Amelia was sad because her teeth hurt because of her bumps.
It was so sad but she was so hungry. 

Mitch had his first game so we risked
an outing to watch him coach.

Dickey's. I swear, my kids are better picture takers than Mitchell.

PUPPY CHOW! It's the only
way to eat it. 
Since I've been ignoring a lot of day to day activities at our house I'll add a few fun things we've been doing. Mitch had us all get flowers to plant and put on our porch. The girls loved it. We also planted green beans. On top of that, we washed our cars! A magical experience for all of us. Especially the girls.
Amelia was the only one to stay
still long enough to get a picture. 

The green beans are growing!

Hard at work. 

A little fun before the work! 


Yay for playing in the water!

A good day al around!

While Beth was here we went to the splash pad with Jace and Wade. The boys weren't big fans of the water. But there was so much "to do at the park, swings, slide, other stuff." Thanks Jace for the break down of what we can do there! 

We are loving summer!