Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Little Visit and Some Extras

Last weekend we were able to go up to Rexburg and Idaho Falls. We saw a good chunk of the family up at Big Mama and Big Daddy's including LaDawn! It was nice to catch up. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures. We stayed with Lane and Mal in Rexburg and saw some other Rexburg friends.
Lane and Mal BBQed for us. They are the best!

Breakfast of champions. 

Uncle Lane has the coolest toys. The girls love
to watch movies on the wall. 

Lynnlee took photos of everyone. 

Another master piece by Lynn!
We love coming to see these guys!

Sam and Adam, our friends from college!


Adam thought it was hysterical!

Sleepy girls. 

On the way up to Rexburg we stopped at the Lava Fields. It was a fun little walk.
YAY for getting out of the car!

Up we go.

It was pretty cool. 


It was Sammy and Nollie's birthdays on the first of July! We were able to celebrate Sammy up in Stone. Nollie was at his other Grandma's playing with them so we didn't see much of him. We love our cousins!
Birthday boys!

The fun we have with cousin Nollie!



Dig in. 


She caught a rock fish!

How cool is this!
So much fun!
Finally, we redecorated the girl's room this weekend! I love it and so do the girls!

Flowers in the sky!

The decorating queen. 

Basically Mitch is the most patient
man I know. He unstuck every letter
and put them on the wall. Love him! 

Flower garden.

Happy Sabbath everyone!