Monday, November 28, 2016

The Month of September, Mitch's birthday!

This month is a special one! Mitch had his birthday and we were so happy to celebrate him! He's the best and I loved getting him his presents. We ended up buying him 29 balloons and put his pictures on the string from different years of his life. He knew what his presents were so I had a little fun wrapping them over and over. I wish I had video taped him opening it but I didn't think about it! Still kicking myself for that one. Lynnlee and Amelia helped make his delicious strawberry cheesecake. It was so fun! We went to the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake for his birthday too.
Trying to fit 29 balloons into my car was
a tough feat. It was windy too. 

The girls helping set up.

"Oh, funny." 


Lynnlee dragged these around all day and days

The birthday boy!

The museum.

My favorite dinosaur. 

Cake number one. 

Strawberry brownie cheesecake number two!

I had to improvise with the candles. I thought I had enough.
Turns out, I was a little short.

September was also full of a few other things - Olivia's (Mitch's cousin's baby) first birthday and puppy party, Harrison, (Mitch's mission buddies) wedding, fishing fun, a visit to the zoo, and a stop in Rexburg. Here are a few pictures of all those events! Picture overload!
Olivia's birthday!

Puppy love!

We love puppies. 


Getting ready for the wedding. 

Our own Rapunzel. 

A strapping viking. 

Add caption

About as good of a picture as we could get together! 

Mitch and Miles.

Our fishing expedition! 
Our little beauties. 

Amelia wouldn't have anything to do with
the worm. Lynn thought it was cool! 

In the little boat. 

Mitch caught the first and possibly the only fish. 

The zoo with Ty and Chy.
They liked riding on the animals. 

We got to feed the giraffes! 

Lynn was amazed by their long tongues. 

It licked Mitchell!
Amelia and Nollie, best friends forever. 

Amelia was a little afraid. 

We were able to go up to Rexburg for a weekend in September for Mitch's cousin's funeral. It was nice to see everyone even if the situation was a little sad. Thanks Lane and Mallory for letting us stay with you! I can't seem to find many pictures, sorry!

The Rexburg temple. 

Our old apartment! 

Mitch was able to get in on the Livingston sister shot. Fits right in. 

What's a trip to Idaho without going to see the horses with Aunt

And there it is, September in a nutshell. Whew.